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Study On Supervising Mode And Work Mechanism Of The Military Engineering Quality Based On The Project Supervising Group

Posted on:2011-09-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166330338990244Subject:Project management
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With the fast development of the modern military logistics construction, the task of the military engineering construction is getting heavier and heavier, and the demand for the quality also becomes more and more rigorous. In the meanwhile, the distinguishing features of the military engineering in the new stage, including varied engineering types, wide distribution in sites, special use, secret protecting nature, limitation period, and the particular insurance demands of the up-to-date weapons for engineering make the engineering quality supervision much more difficult. The previous supervising modes and methods of the military engineering quality are not suitable to the demands of the military engineering construction in new situation anymore, while, the existing supervising modes and experience in the localities are not completely suitable for reference. Based on such conditions above, this dissertation tries to probe into new conditions and new laws of the military engineering quality supervision, and build up new supervising mode and work mechanism of the military engineering quality and improve the supervising level and supervising result to a maximum degree.This dissertation first induces the history, structure and essential features of the military engineering quality supervision, then points out the main differences between the military engineering quality supervision and the supervising work in the localities by comparison. Through analyzing the present military engineering quality supervision, the dissertation summarizes that there are three supervising modes: loose mode, regular mode and regular mode with a person in charge, and dissects their features and disadvantages one by one. By absorbing the theory of the"Project Management", this dissertation puts forward a new supervising mode based on the Project Supervising Group, sets up the inner structure and the outer structure of the Project Supervising Group, and assigns the supervising responsibility. By applying process method and work breaking down method, this dissertation breaks down the supervising course into eight sub-processes: Supervising registration verifying sub-process, Supervising task assigning sub-process, Supervision implementing sub-process, Quality problem settling sub-process, Supervising instruments managing sub-process, Archives and data managing sub-process, Supervising plan and statistics sub-process, Training and checking sub-process, and standardizes every sub-process by flow diagram, and sets up flow diagrammatized work mechanism, lays stress on the core position of the Project Supervising Group. In order to give full play to the effect of the Project Supervising Group, this dissertation gives supervising strategies to the main sub-process, Supervision implementing sub-process ,including supervising plan preparing strategies, quality information collecting strategies and inspecting on scene strategies. In the light of the relevant knowledge of ISO 9000 Quality Management Systems and the system files compiling method, this dissertation builds up the files system to support the operation of the whole military engineering quality supervising organization, covering each sub-process and specific activities of the military engineering quality supervision. At last, this dissertation gives a case of some military engineering quality supervising organization based on the Project Supervising Group mode, and analyses the inner managing condition and the supervising result of the supervising organization based on the Project Supervising Group mode and the former modes by comparison, proves that the Project Supervising Group mode can improve management quality of the supervising organization and achieve good supervising result.
Keywords/Search Tags:military engineering, quality supervising, supervising mode, project supervising group
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