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On The Administrative Supervision Authority

Posted on:2003-06-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C H JinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360065450552Subject:Constitution and Administrative Law
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Avoiding the rights to be abused, preventing and wiping out the corruptionphenomena, guaranteeing the rights to be functioned benignly request respectivesupervising subjects to develop their va1id roles. The supervising of People'sCongress Council means that People's Congress Council of all levels and theirstanding committees supervise tl1e powers of the administrative organizations,judicial organizations and procuratorial organizations originating from them throughlegal procedures and ways, so that they can support the practice of national lawscompletely, guarantee the people's basic benefits and prevent the administr8tive andprocuratorial organizations abusing their rights. The system of People's CongressCouncil is our country's basic system and is also the foundation and center of ourcountry's power supervising mechanism. The peOPle elect and supervise the nationalpower organization. The nationa1 public power organization produce and supervisethe administrative organizations, judicial organizations and procuratorialorganizations. The latter excercise the power of managing thc native and re1ativebusiness. These are our coufltry's basic fl'ames to supervise the national power.TherefOre, the power of organzations' supervising is in the core position inside thesystem of supervising. This paPer aims to discuss the corpus, objects, contents andpr6cedures of the power organizations supervising in theory. The author deems: (l )the power organization supervising is the lega1 supervising in essence. The...conceming provision of Constifution and the power organzations' administrativesupervising have their law basis, but the further perfect is demanded. (2) The powerorganizations need to establish the specialized supervising office to enhance thestrength of administrative supervising. People's representatives, the People'sCongress and its standing committee, speciaIized committee, Chairman's Meetingcannot become a specialized supervising organization. (3) Supervising proceduresand methods need defining and perfecting.Part It Necessity of strengthening and perfecting the suPervising ofpower organizations.It includes tWo aspects f (l) It is decided by the sPecial position and essence ofPeople's Congress in the national power supervising system. (2) The socialist 1awconstruction demands to strengthen and perfect the supervising and power organizations and realize the \egal system of tine power organizations.Part II : Actualities of administrative supervising by the power organizationsIt includes tow aspects: (1) the legal basis of the national power organizations supervising (2) the main contents and ways of the national power organizations supervising.Part HI: Problems in the administrative supervising by powerorganizationsThe author summarizes the problems in the supervising of power organizations on the basis of analyzing the actualities of the administrative supervising by public power organizations. (1) Supervising by public power organizations lacks the legal regulation. (2) The effect of supervising by public power organizations is not enough and it also lacks the authority.Part IV: Important measures of strengthening the supervising of public power organizations.People's Congress has a special position and character in the supervising system of national power as an organization of national power. The author thinks that it needs supervising as the followings:1. Perfect the supervising system in the legislation.2. Establish the specialized supervising organizations which belongs to the legislating organizations.3. Establish the procedures and methods of the supervising subject of the public power organizations in our country.4. Strengthen the complaining work of public power organizations and improve the supervising efficiency of the administrative work.5. Correct the thoughts and cognitions and strengthen the administrative supervising.
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