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On The "Rigidity" And "Flexibility" Of The General Planning Of Land Utilization At County Level

Posted on:2006-03-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360155956082Subject:Physical geography
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A land resource is rare that it isn't regenerative and it is the substance foundation on human beings existent. Protecting land resource and taking continual utilize on land resource is the important guarantee to take a sustainable development on society and economy. The planning of land utilization is an important mean to realize the goal.A planning of land utilization is a regional ultra-foresight program of land utilization in future. It is the economic measures of synthetic technology to distribute the land resource and take the land utilization reasonably according to the development of regional society and economy and natural -historic trait of land. A general planning of land utilization is a macro-tactical measures, including adjusting the general supply and demand of land, and determining the structure and the arrangement of land utilization, to the sake of making a persistent utilization on land resource and ensuring a harmonious development on economy, society, and environment, on the basis of the natural and socio-economic condition.Integrating the experimental project of recompiling the land planning of theMinistry of Land and Natural Resources------recompiling the general planning ofland utilization of Jiangjin, Chongqing, this article reviews simply the practice and experience of making the planning of land utilization in China, analyses thetheoretical and practical signification of combining "rigidity" with "flexibility" in making a plan of land utilization, and discusses the issue of combining "rigidity" with "flexibility" in theory and practice in the case study in Jiangjin, Chongqing.The dissertation includes two parts.In part one, the achievement and shortage of former plan are analyzed and summarized, by integrating the position about supply and demand of current land utilization, an idea to combine "rigidity" with "flexibility" in recompiling a plan of land utilization was put forward.In part two, across integrating the actuality of land utilization and existed problem in Jiangjin, the conflict of supply and demand is analyzed, an exploration of the combination of "rigidity" with "flexibility" is expounded.First, an index of land utilization is divided into control index and directive index. Control index is rigid, which is composed of the quantity of retained cultivated land, the quantity of essential farmland, the quantity of controlled cultivated land of constructing, the quantity of land of town-constructing. Directive index is flexible, which is composed of the quantity of reduced cultivated land for zoology, the quantity of increased cultivated land from exploiting and tidying, the quantity in general of constructing land. Otherwise, flexible index is set up in the general quantity of constructing land. And the flexible index must to be limited in some rang.Second, a flexibility-region of land utilization, which includes the flexibility-region of land utilization of construction and the flexibility-region of land utilization of agriculture, is joined into nine regional of land utilization made in the rules of government. The control rule of land utilization of two flexibility-regions is discussed in the thesis.Third, "cultivable land", which is a land of the topsoil without destroyed when it have been used in other purpose, is introduced into the plan in Jiangjin. By studying "cultivable land", the meaning of cultivated land is extended, and the adaptability of land utilization is improved.Conclusion: in new general planning of land utilization, the integrating of "rigidity" with "flexibility" is provided with important meaning. The general train of...
Keywords/Search Tags:land use, a general plan of land utilization, "rigidity" of plan, "flexibility" of plan, combining "rigidity" with "flexibility", Jiangjin, Chongqing
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