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The Study On The Cluster-oriented Development Of The Industrial Park

Posted on:2005-07-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360155957834Subject:Political economy
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The Industrial Parks developing model has become one of important paths for many nations and regions to cultivate strategic industry and obtain competitive advantage. With the economic globalization , the Industrial Parks in China meet both new developing opportunities and serious challenges.This paper points out the problem existing in the Industrial Parks at frist.Comparing with the Industrial Parks of foreign and domestic,the author thinks that the industrial cluster is the common characteristic of the successful parks.That a lot of parks in our country are lake of the intergrowth self-organized system which the cluster possesses makes it not keep its competitiveness. Then The article discusses the relating mechanism between the industrial parks and the clusters,and concludes that the promotive function of the cluster for the park is : (1) increasing the enterprise's productivity of the park;(2)strengthening the innovation ability of the park;(3)stimulating the competition and promoting the assembling effect. So the industrial cluster is an effective mechanism for the Industrial Park to abtain the eminent competitive advantage.On the basis of the above analysis,this paper inquires into the mechanism of the parks evolving to the clusters. There are different characteristics in various developing stage, the developing orientation of the construction of the industrial park in our country is not to form a specialized industrial area,but to cultivate a innovation network milieu.In order to build a innovation network milieu,the park not only needs the imitating clustering environment on institution,economy, geography and culture ,but also establishes the factor-flowing mechanism,the enterprise-competing and coorperating mechanism and the technological innovation mechanism.Finnally. through analyzing deeply the causes that restrict the forming of the cluster mechanism in the industrial park, the thesis go step further to research the way that the industrial park progress gradually to the clusters. The institutional arrangement determining the action of the government makes the key function on the cluster-oriented...
Keywords/Search Tags:the industrial park, competitiveness, cluster-oriented development, the innovation network milieu
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