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Predicament And Breaking Through Of The Supermarket Of Government Affairs

Posted on:2007-02-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Political Affairs Supermarket introduced the mode of the business management in the government activities, and it is a rational system occurred while the government original system design and system met multiple predicament that implement in social transition period. It is an example of reinventing local government under the New Public Management theory which takes marketization as its direction with the key idea of serving the customer (citizen). Based on the analysis of organizational structure and operational system, Political Affairs Supermarket is found to be a useful way to transform the traditional bureaucratic defects. Setting up the Government Affairs Supermarket not only meets requirements of China's entry to WTO, but also meets the needs of government's system reform and transformation of the functions. On one hand, the Political Affairs Supermarket has made preliminary effects, leaving some problems to be solved urgently existing in the Political Affairs Supermarket. On the other hand, because the government affairs supermarket is still at preliminary developing stage in our country, there are more news reports but less to further investigate. Most scholars had studied its occurrence, meaning and current situation of the development, and proposed some countermeasures to the its problem. But it seems that the new theoretical system hasn't been founded. In view of this, it has important theoretical and practical meaning to study the development of Political Affairs Supermarket of our country.Besides introduction, the content is mainly divided into four parts. Part one mainly talks about theoretical foundation and reason of development of supermarket of government affairs of our country. First of all , introduce the theoretical foundation of development of supermarket of government affairs , i.e. manage the relevant situations of the movement newly and publically;Secondly, our country develop government affairs supermarket have his inherent reason , mainly show as: Meet WTO rule, promote the need of the examination and approval system reform;Finally, our country develops the supermarket of government affairs there are external conditions , mainly shown as: The reality of transforming the government functions needs, the effective carriers of the consciousness of public management service, effective way of the cultivation of party conduct and construction of a clean government ,etc. Part two It is practice ofdevelopment of supermarket of government affairs of our country that scrutinizes, take development of the municipal affair supermarket of Wuhan as an example, describe from three aspects: Sketch the background materials of development of municipal affair supermarket of Wuhan at first;Secondly , introduce the basic current situation of development of municipal affair supermarket of Wuhan;Display the preliminary effect that the supermarket of government affairs makes in the form of example finally. Part three Point out some questions appearing in the development process of municipal affair supermarket of Wuhan first, if the government affairs supermarket (service centre ) can not make a reservation clearly enough;Government affairs administration authority and duty of service centre are uncomplete, the regulatory ystem is not complete;Service centre authorize the government affairs insufficiently, have limitation ,etc. to solve the problem. Then analyzed some factors such as the thought predicament of restraining the supermarket of government affairs of our country from developing, system predicament, operation predicament , manage and supervise predicament ,etc. Part four Have explained the route choice that our country develops the supermarket of government affairs effectively. First of all, construct the environment developing the supermarket of government affairs of our country effectively in terms of macroscopic, transition of government's idea , the transition of government's function , the reform of the examination and approval system;Secondly , put forward several actions of developing the supermarket of government affairs of our country from the micro visual angle effectively.This text sets forth one's views to research approach and all has certain innovation from the selected title. First, this selected title is set about from the public front issue of managing the reform in our country, by managing relevant normal form newly and publically as the breakthrough point , focus the emphasis point studied on passing to develop the supermarket of government affairs, promote transforming the government functions and organizational adjustment, strengthen public service consciousness and service ability, improve quality and efficiency of the public administrative service, have very strong theory and realistic pertinence;Second, in view of content, this text is on the basis that the circle of theory of our country of survey studies current situation to the supermarket of government affairs, combine practice of development of government affairs supermarket of local government of our country, from the theoretical foundation,respects such as inherent reason and external condition ,etc. pursue necessity and feasibility of developing the supermarket of government affairs. Rich in content, the structure is rational, the visual angle is unique , logical and strong;Third, according to research approach, this text has accomplished the unity of theory and practicality , have not only carry on the specific and accurate theory to analyze but also put forward feasible operation general plan;Fourth, through widely collecting, read and combine the materials, have find out about front trends, has widened the professional visual field , has raised systematic movement professional knowledge ground level and ability.
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