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Construction Of Service-oriented Government In China To Study

Posted on:2007-07-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360185971295Subject:Administrative Management
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The rise and development of "new movement of public administration" has deeply affected on the public administration of governments in the world since 70s of the twentieth century. China is in the transformation period from the traditional agriculture to modern industrial civilization and information civilization. Under the circumstance of globulization and China joining in WTO, Chinese government has faced austere challenges, the management pattern of our government has also experienced strong change. Establishing service government is an objective pattern of governmental reform for adapting new position and task. The service government is democratic, jural, restricted, transparent, high-efficient and responsible. It is an innovation for the traditional management pattern in China. Different from the traditional management pattern, the service government does not put the function of political manipulation and managing social business on the first position, but places serving societies and citizens on the first position. It does not take itself as the center and regard officers as the standard, but considers societies as the center and citizens as the standard. All the work of government is service. The aim of work for government is to well serve. The criterion of judging governmental achievement is citizens' satisfaction. The service government emphasizes that social people are paramount. It considers efficiency, service quality, public responsibility and the satisfaction degree of social public as the evaluation standard of public governmental management.This thesis discusses the thought of establishing service government in four parts. Part one outlines the theoretical base of establishing service government. The "social contract" theory, new public management theory and the theory of service for people are the theoretical foundation for establishing service government. Part two analyses the inevitability and fact of establishing service government according to actual...
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