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Secretary For Home Affairs Supermarket ": The Plight Of A Way Out

Posted on:2007-12-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360215986271Subject:Administrative Management
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The government reform has always been an continuous subject, for which it is the best explanation that practicians and researchers have been searching for the new method to promote the government for better operation in some sense. As the source of the idea of administration and policy, the idea of market has been occupying a leading role in the government reform. But along with the rising of the "New Public Administration" movement, the administration pattern of participation,flexibility and authorization has gradually come into the public's eyes.The establishment and construction of "government affairs supermarket" is a beneficial exploration mixing the several kinds of the ideas above. Having introduced commercial pattern into government activities, it is a set of rational institution pattern explored on the original system and institution in the process of their specific operation during the turning period of society and it is very distinctive either on the value orientation or on the institution design. However, because of lacking of systematic institution reform, many problems have produced during its self-development and then it falls into the dilemma of reform. Thus it requires us to analyze the causes for problems as well as to raise measures of improvement when spreading the "government affairs supermarket", so as to make this creative government product develop more functions.Through the conclusion and perspective about the course of "creation—dilemma—re-reform" of the new administration pattern, this article is to make us clearly aware the difficulties and reverses in the reform on the one hand, and on the other, the dual identities of the government: it must promote its reform due to the need for development of society,transformation of functions and rise of images; and it has also caused the insufficiency of reform. Hence, the government is an important force promoting the reform as well as a barrier obstructing the reform.However, the reform has to be continuing. The government with dual identities needs more to adjust its position and to take a series of concrete measures that is, to go on the reform of ideas,the creation of institution,the security of system and the complement of measures in the process of developing the "government affairs supermarket" in order to raise the image of the government and increase the efficiency.
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