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Chinese Present Age Reservoir Immigrant Policy Comparative Analysis

Posted on:2007-11-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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A reservoir of migrants involuntary immigrants, refers to the construction of large water conservancy projects and forced relocation of the population. Sanmenxia Yellow River water control project was built on the main river reservoirs of first use, but also the establishment of the People's Republic of the first large-scale water conservancy projects. Therefore, the Sanmenxia reservoir many older immigrants working in the country have a certain representation of the reservoir. And the Three Gorges water control project is to date, China's largest water conservancy project built, the number involved is the largest migration in many new repair cross-section of the reservoir characteristics. Meanwhile, the construction of Sanmenxia Reservoir and the construction of the Three Gorges reservoir interval for 50 years, society has undergone tremendous economic changes, the concept of national development outlook and management has undergone tremendous change in the corresponding. Thus, the system changes from the perspective of Sanmenxia and a comparative analysis of the Three Gorges Reservoir immigration policy can clarify the rationale for policy development and subsequent reservoir immigration policy can provide useful lessons.Just at the time "the northward rerouting of southern river" when the median line project comprehensive start, along the route involves stabs more than 300,000 inhabitants the migration and the placement, the project vast complicated, in this project immigration and the historical reservoir immigrant is similar, the reservoir immigrant policy similarly is suitable for "the northward rerouting of southern river" in the project non- voluntary immigration, therefore, in the comprehensive summary analysis history reservoir immigrant policy good and bad points, the implementation good and are bad, the policy implementation advantage and the shortcoming, changes extremely has the necessity, we may avoid immigrating because of to move fall into the impoverished predicament, causes the immigrant to step onto the sustainable development the path.The present paper mainly uses following several kind of research side :The first is the real diagnosis investigation method. Author survival, development condition and rights and interests protection project which immigrates as the Three Gorges storehouse district women and children, once penetrated to a place carries on theinvestigation, through with immigration visit, obtained quite many materials, thus has provided the real diagnosis foundation to immigration policy expiation.The second is the literature reading method. This article involves to the history in immigrates policy expiation, therefore the literature material collection and the reorganization has the necessity very much, it has made up the real diagnosis insufficiency, strengthened to the immigration policy expiation accuracy.The third, comparative analysis method. This article from immigration policy aspect and so on formulation background, process, execution as well as result, has carried on the omni-directional comparison to Sanmenxia and the Three Gorges immigrant policy, thus summaries some reasonable executions policies, and produced has consummated the immigration policy the direction and the principle.This article besides the introductory remarks part, altogether divides into four part:First part, Sanmenxia immigrant policy analysis. This part of authors made concrete from the policy formulation background, the policy formulation mentality and the policy goal, the policy result as well as the policy defeat reason four aspects have analyzed Sanmenxia immigrant policy process.Second part, Three Gorges immigrant policy analysis. This part of authors from the policy guiding ideology and the main principle, the immigrant policy gradually consummation as well as the policy result three aspects comprehensive system introduction Three Gorges immigrant policy laws and regulations, and summarized the Three Gorges immigrant policy laws and regulations main achievement and the characteristic by and its deficiency.Third part, Sanmenxia and Three Gorges immigrant policy comparative analysis. This part mainly is to Sanmenxia and the Three Gorges immigrant policy comparative analysis, and from the policy question determination, the policy movement process and the policy achievements success and failure three aspects carries on launches.Fourth part, ponder and suggestion. The author has emphatically analyzed the policy formulation participation role and the policy appraisal two aspects, has drawn author's conclusion, and produces several suggestions which the reservoir immigrant policy consummates.The author analyzes the Sanmenxia immigrant policy process and in the Three Gorges immigrant policy process foundation in the contrast, has drawn the present paperconclusion: The public participates in the pattern which the immigration policy formulation the necessity and the vital role as well as the immigration policy must advance gradually not to be imperfect.The present paper characteristic lies in very good unifies the real diagnosis investigation material and the literature material, lodges the comparative analysis in the full and accurate material. The this article occupying of innovation to has obtained three kind of immigrants patterns through the diagnosis, and has carried on the system analysis to it.
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