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The Evolution Of American Immigration Policy After The Cold War (1989-2001),

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The history of America is only about200years from1776when the United StatesDeclaration of Independence is passed by the Second Continental Congress. But asfor the history of his immigration, it has a exceedingly long time. Nowadays, mostof the Americans are immigrants and their offsprings. The nativeAmericans----Indians are considered as Mongolian,which proved by the recentlyarchaeological discovery. So, the history of America is the history that createdby the immigrants after the North America continent is discovered by ChristopherColumbus. Because the fundamental power of the development of America is thecapital,labor,technology and other things which brought by the immigrants, soevery government of America pay much attention to the immigration problems. Thegovernment of America adjusts immigration policy in different period to adapt tothe necessary of itself according to the interests of the United States.This essay mainly tells the immigration policy implemented by president GeorgeBush and Bill Clinton and their consequences from1989to2001when the cold warends. There are four periods of the immigration policy before1989: the colonyperiod, the liberty period, the rejection and restriction period and therestrictions and selection period. America is the unique superpower in the worldafter the end of the cold war. In this condition, the government of George Bushcarried out the legal immigration reform act in1990, which is comfortable to theimmigrants and increases the population of the immigrants. As a result, greatimplications are impact on politics, economy and culture. In addition, the illegalimmigrants problems are more and more serious. So, Proposition187is passed byCalifornia government, and Clinton carries out the illegal immigration reform andimmigration responsibility act of1996,which is very severe to the immigrants,especially to the illegal immigrants.After the cold war, the immigration policy of America is influence by manyfactors, such as geopolitics, nativism, pragmatism. The changes of immigrationpolicy has great impact on politics, economy, culture and diplomacy. After theevent of9.11, the purpose of the immigration policy is mainly about the safety of America, aiming at protecting the fundamental interest of America.
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