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Influence Of Non-government Organization On Chinese Society And The Train Of Thought On Its Development

Posted on:2007-10-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360185451052Subject:Administrative Management
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Since 80's in 20th century, the non-government organization has been developed rapidly on a global scale. As Lester M · Salamon has said, "We are staying in a global revolution of forming an association. The history will prove that the importance of revolution to the world in the future is not inferior to the importance of the rise of national state to the world in late of 19th century. As a result, the global third sector which has majority of self-management private organization has been emerged. It doesn't devote itself to distribute the profit to shareholder or director, but pursue the public aim outside the formal state institution."Simultaneously, China has also got involved in the period of power transformation and social structure vicissitude which causes by the reform and the development of economy and politics. Along with the gradual growth of economical and social authority, the non-government organization arises at the historic moment. The upsurge of non-government organization in China is one of the most important achievements of the birth of system of socialistic market economy and democratic political growth. Since the reform and opening up, non-government organization in China has been developed rapidly, which has effectively made up the market failure and the government failure, enhanced the government potency, guaranteed the administrative reform carrying on smoothly. But the development of non-government organization in China is so late that various problems in the developing process have arisen. Therefore, under the background of the rapid transform of society and the emergence of a host of social problems, on the way of changing from nation-centered doctrine to welfare pluralism, it is very helpful for us to comprehend the relations between building state capability and development of citizen society correctly by analyzing the development of NGO in China, evaluating the function and limitation of NGO objectively, searching for the path and advice of the development of NGO, more important, it has great practical significance for us to understand the function of organization outside the government system in the course of developmentof society.This thesis is composed of five parts. Part one mainly analyzes the basic theory of NGO and the basis on which NGO participates in the public management. It concludes the rising of NGO, the definition of NGO, the characteristics and classification of NGO, the research object and purpose of the thesis. Part two concludes the main characteristics and the reasons for NGO by analyzing the current situation of development of NGO in China. Part three describes the positive and negative influence on existence of NGO to the transform of China. Part four discusses the inevitability of the development of NGO in China. Namely, the advantages and disadvantages to the development of NGO. According to the current situation of NGO, especially with so many disadvantageous factors, part five points out the basic ways of accelerating the development of NGO in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:Non-government Organization, Public Management, Government Failure, Market Failure
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