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The Third Sector Innovation, With The Chinese Government Reform

Posted on:2006-03-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360152998549Subject:Administrative Management
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When we regard the government as the first sector of our society, and the commercial organization of the market as the second one, so the third one is that which lies between the government and market sector, with devoting to the management of public goods and public services. The third sector is used as a system choice from curing Government failure and Market failure when it has been rising since the end of last century. There are two-way relations each other between the violent development of the third sector and the global government's reforms. The growth of the third sector brings a kind of surmounting pressure to the government, promoting government reform first. And the government reform could open up a road for the development of the third sector in return. Now all of the important country are paying close attention to the third sector, not only studying it in science ,but also do foster the third sector, regarding it as the strategic choice of promoting the reform of government and promoting the national competitiveness on practice. China government must join the trend and make great efforts to keep up with it. This paper is based on the Marxism and in cording with other relevant theories, such as management, public administration, politics, economics, etc. It believes that there is great meaning and directive significance to the reform of Chinese Government from the third sector visual angle. It also draw a conclusion that only we take the road of developing the third sector in a more cost-effective manner can we get to our government innovating goal. Besides the preface, this paper divided into five major parts altogether: Chapter one analyze mainly the backgrounds and reasons why the third sector has raised in western countries, drawing a conclusion that it has come from aiding at criticizing the tool rational and coming back the value rational especially because the former one had become so overwhelming in west society. Chapter two analyze the value of the third sector to the government mainly, thinks that it has broken through the relevant traditional government's theories, and it has also offered for government's reform a broad overlook. Reviewing and analyzing the reform course of Chinese Government at first, Chapter three point out that its reform is staying behind the economic reform paces, leaving it functions still huge and reform itself limited to system circulation. Chapter four points out that our government's innovation has no supporting force with it's third sector staying in tender and feeble state and with it's development environment no smooth. Chapter five draws a conclusion from the paper relative analyzing: we have to define the government's basic function and go out of the administrative country; And we also have to develop the third sector in a more cost-effective manner on the other hand, so that to realize our government reform innovation. The paper proves how can we develop the third sector finally.
Keywords/Search Tags:the Third Sector, Citizen's society, Government reforms, Government function, Public goods, Government failure, Market failure
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