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Public Service Type Government Under The Condition Of Market Economy

Posted on:2006-03-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F Y HouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152970134Subject:Political economy
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In this thesis, both theoretical and identical analysis applied in systematical narration on the relationship of public service type government and market economical system. Since 70's last century, western countries have initiated government reform revolution which centered on meeting people's from the idea of "government itself center " to " government service center'.Hence then, this thesis firstly begin with concept of public service type government following by intensive description of economic experts and socialogist 's views on it. then discussing interaction of public service government and market failure with condition of public government is capable to make up of the failure of market and government and increasing social market as well. Identical analysis was given on viewing types of advanced countries .As fact, main reason for Japanese gloomy in the last era is government itself checked economical development .At present Japan is giving up the traditional view, encouraging competition ,offering competition soil and wish to establish electronically government in 21th century .On the contrary .America 's government's transition is clear, from federal union to each state all has with a strong sense of 'centering on public service '.don't interfere affairs only belong to companies just offering public service especially on information discoursing and encouraging overseas competition. Therefore, therefore it's enterprises got a strong capacity of competition with great durability.In the end this thesis aims at how to establish and improve Chinese economy, pointing out every class authority has to change views and try to set up a " PUBLIC SERVICE TYPE GOVERNMENT. 'It's an important support of durability of fast improvement.Thesis declares establishing service type government is of great theoretical and practical significance which is the innovation of this thesis .
Keywords/Search Tags:Public service type government, market failure, government failure, Economic growth
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