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The Analysis On The Relationship Between The Government And The Market In Region With High-developed Civilian Economy

Posted on:2004-04-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360125455672Subject:Administrative Management
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The relationship between the government and the market has been the hotspot all along in the research domain of Economics, Politics and Sociology, Whether the relationship between the government and the market is harmonious or not determines the level of the development of economics and the stability of the politics of a country. By the same token it concerns the sustained, healthy and fast development of the high-developed civilian economy region. From the Economical and Political point of view, the text will analyze the relationship between the government and the market in the region with high-developed civilian economy. The text is divided into four parts.In the first part the text introduces the theory evolvement of the relationship between the government and the market with the Western Economics in background. Based on it the text reveals the particularity of the relationship in developing countries.Then in the second part the text introduces the role and function of the local government during the development of the civilian economy in case of the phenomenon of the product market of Zhejiang Province. The text analyzes the particular law of the conversion of the government functions from the property righ, governmental benefits and government competition angle. The particularity will also be interpreted from the market failure and the government failure angle.In third part the text constructs a tow-D model in governmental capability and marketization dimension to probe into government -market relation, and to reveal the conversion locus of the local government capability.At last the text puts up some ways and means to deal with the government-market relationship in region with high-developed civilian economy, including compacting the micro-basis of the marketization, converting the government functions directed by the market, raising the government quality.
Keywords/Search Tags:government, market, product market, government failure, market failure, government capability
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