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HuNan Analysis And Thoughts On The Process Of Having Younger Leading Cadres

Posted on:2006-02-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360185463407Subject:Public Management
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Science and technology is the primary productive source and human resources are the primary resource. Our party has paid great attention to the construction of the talent group from time immemorial, especially pay a big focus on the nurturance and usage for the youth. After 1980s, we even give a great impetus to let the age of government officials younger. We have gained a lot of achievement through 20year's hard work. But if you observe the process carefully, you can find that there are still many obstacles. This article focuses on the topic that is about accelerating the process of letting the age of officials younger. For that, I have studied carefully the official system and the ages of the officials in the past dynasties of China. Especially I have investigated the requirement for the age. This article also analyzes the selection of the young leaders for nurturance till our community has been founded. This article dissects the significant thoughts of DengXiaoping which concerned the process, trying to draw a positive conclusion for each stage and give solution to a chain of questions appeared in this process. The key points and conclusion are listed as follows:China has a traditional practice of using the youth and talented people. The old dynasties leaders even set up imperial Youngman examination system. As one of the social political system and one of the imperial examination system, Together with other selecting system, It helps us to select thousands of prominent qualified people.Our party has always devoted much attention to the training selecting as well as the employing of middle-aged and young qualified personnels. We unintentionally trained the young talented early in the founding of our party and our Nation to start with, and then it came a temporary shortage of senior leaders in the 18th last century . Therefore we began to pursue the system of senior-cadre -Retirement Like Bole selecting horses. We fostered brought up a great many of the excellent leading cadres . Since the 19th , with great importance highly attached by the third generation of our Chinese Communist Party's leading group , we brought up and created a plenty of excellent young leading cadres facing the new century . Thus can the qualified leaders across centuries grow up stronger and stronger.However, there are still a lot of big problems appeared during this process. We should use higher standard to grip the requirement for letting the age of officials younger. we should convert our conception, improve our thoughts, reform the system which is already out of date, and strengthen the management of education and nurturance for the youth leader. Meanwhile, we should take radical measures, Thus can we rebuild the observation system for the leadership.
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