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The Exploration Of Effective Approach To Restrain The International Terrorism In The Middle Asia

Posted on:2007-08-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y H WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360185958331Subject:International politics
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This article analyses and studies deeply the roots and causes of the international terrorism in the Middle Asia. It also explores the effective approach to restrain the international terrorism there----building up regional security community by the example of Shanghai Cooperation Organization. The article is written under the direction of security standpoint of Copenhagon School, from an angle of combining macrocosm, history and theory with microcosm, reality and fact and in virtue of ethnology, history, religion, sociology and international politics. The article has active theoretical meaning of knowing about international terrorism scientifically, grasping its basic characteristics, main roots and causes. It also has significance of keeping away and striking terrorism to insure security and stability in the northwest.This article is divided into four parts.Part One: Firstly the article gives the definition of international terrorism, which comes from the definition of terrorism: terrorism means anybody takes actions such as assassination, explosion, kidnapping, poison and other illegal violent and nonviolent actions to hurt noncombatants or innocent civilians, aiming to threaten the government and society with terrible mood in order to obtain certain political or social purpose. International terrorism means terrorism between at least two countries. The article then introduces the characteristics and explains the causes which lie in the unbalance of the world strategic strength ,power politics, distribution odds of globalization interests, unbalanced economic development between the south and the north and the failure of specific southern countries as well as frequent conflicts. Finally it draws the conclusion that the international terrorism is public pollution and must be stricken and restrained.Part Two:Firstly the article defines the range of the Middle Asia in both broad and narrow senses and affirms the broad one in the article: the Middle Asia means a group of adjoining countries with their geography, security, politics and economy. It includes Russia and China, apart from the traditional five countries.
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