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Study On International Law Responsibility Issue Of International Organization

Posted on:2005-08-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L H XiaFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360122495345Subject:International Law
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The international organizations' responsibility of international law is always an important problem in international law field. The scholars of every country have a great dispute on which responsibility international organizations should afford. However, there is no justice organization exceed countries in international society, and in the international law field during a long period, one opinion agree that international organizations should afford morality and justice responsibility or politics responsibility or both of them. The other is that it should afford law responsibility. There is no doubtless result for many years. But along with developing with science and technology in recent years, new problems appears which responsibility international organizations should afford in damage across frontier. International law scholars must be faced this new problem.On the basis theory of international law and combining the practice, we dissect what responsibility international organizations should afford when it disobey the rule of international law. We mainly analyze the responsibility of international law international organizations should afford appearing during international improper action and international law non-forbidden action. Especially concretely analyzing the status in law and responsibility identification, and at the same time including the style of how to afford and how to release. We take the view that nations and international organizationsare the subjects of international law. Legal rules mediating responsibility of nations, with some flexibility, by analogy, apply to international organizations as well. Component elements of legal responsibility of international organizations are: violation of international law, which can be attributed to international organizations. International common law, after necessary revisions of details, applies to international organizations. The general principles of responsibility attribution for international organizations also stem from those for nations. Three factors in international law are significant in attributing responsibility: factors of control, organization and realm, with controlling factor as fundamental.
Keywords/Search Tags:International Law, International organization, The responsibility of international law, International improper action, International Law Non-forbidden Action
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