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Economic Globalization Under The Marxist Theory Of International Value Study

Posted on:2011-04-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H Q ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360305486050Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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In the economic globalization sweeping across the globe, the world's economic exchanges with increasing frequency, especially in the new century, the international economic development and further complicate the situation unpredictable. How can the theory of conformity, such as the stars found in the scientific theoretical basis for foreign trade in order to guide China's foreign trade affairs, to become scholars pay close attention to issues. With this academic intent, the context of globalization this paper, the value of Marx's theory of international research, summed up the value of a Theory of International origin and connotation, and its guidance applies to China's foreign economic practice.From the overall structure of the point of view, paper is divided into four parts:The first is the introduction of the paper is mainly about the new era of Marx's theoretical analysis of the international value of the necessity and value of Marx's theory of international issues to look at the overall summary in order to elicit research papers to be the main content.Secondly, the second part of the thesis. In this chapter, we have adopted a number of Marx's manuscripts and monographs of research, traced the source of Marx's Theory of International Value and the formation, straighten out the historical origins of international theory of value, and based on the combing of contemporary scholars on the international value of the theory of inheritance and development.Again, as the third part of the article, is the paper chapter II and III. In the second chapter, a number of works by Marx comb collected many expositions on international theory of value, the value of this as a breakthrough in the theory of international elements were elaborated. In the third chapter, the author of international law of value separate from the international value of theory out, a separate chapter, to highlight its importance. This chapter of the international value realization through discussion, that the international law of value run time in the world, trade, the two sides under the principle of exchange of such increases, whether it is an absolute advantage or comparative advantage can receive trade benefits; same time, the chapter also discusses the international value operation of law in the world economy occurred in the role, not only self-regulate the production of national goods and the international division of labor, to stimulate the country commodity producers to improve production technology and management, but also exacerbated the uneven development of national economies to market economies to adjust foreign trade policy also plays an important role; in the end of this chapter, the author of the international law of value when running the main factors-a monopoly of factors, international supply and demand, trade barriers, transportation and communications factors and the currency has done a brief analysis, it is for us to of international value theory applied to practical tips 4 when you play a role.Finally, the fourth part of the article.As the end, this chapter mainly discusses the value of Marx's theory of the international application in practice. Based on the characteristics of the globalization of international trade analysis, as China's trade situation in the international context, thus the status quo of China's foreign trade to discuss and explore the out of China's trade situation, the problems, according to Marx's theory for our International Value foreign trade to find viable proposals and measures, making the value of Marx's theory and practice of international integration, with the status quo of China's foreign trade integration, and service in our country's economic development.
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