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On Reengineering Government And The Construction Of Service-type Government

Posted on:2007-01-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G S ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360212965751Subject:Political Theory
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Being enlightened by "good governance" and marketization & economic globalization, the author probes into the perfect of our government executive system and puts forward that the service-type government should be the target tropism of executive reformation and government reengineering. The base is the retrospection of government reformations since reform & opening-up policy; the train of thoughts is putting forward problems, analyzing problems and solving problems; the way is the study methods of politics and other subjects.Firstly, following by "the logic is identical to the history", which is a materialism method, the author retrospects the government reformations since reform & opening-up policy, meditates their gain & loss, success & failure, and prospects their trend in the future; Secondly ,The author discusses the prominent problems of public administration and their roots; Thirdly, the author believes that the service-type government should be the target tropism of executive reformation. Combining the success experience of western country " government reengineering" which is based on " new public management" with the executive environment, the author puts forward the logic frameworks of constructing service-type government; Lastly, from many angles, such as the three conversions, three relationships, the reformation of administrative system of examination and approval, and the system & technique innovation, the article discusses the pass choice of constructing service-type government.The author takes the next condition as granted, followed by the push of political system reformation and the change of executive environment, the pattern of government father should be remodeled. Only by the realization of transfer of traditional control-type government to modern service-type government when the government can catch up with the epoch development trend.
Keywords/Search Tags:service-type government, government reformation, existent problems, target tropism, path choice
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