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The Construction Of Service-type Government Is A Must For The Object Schema Of Administrative System Reform Of China

Posted on:2009-04-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Y LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360245468634Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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Since 1980s, the western countries set off a high-powered"government reworking"campaign, which is also called a campaign of new public administration. The campaign has changed from traditional administrative idea which uses"public power"as its core to modern administrative idea which kernels"public service". Under the impetus of the campaign of new public administration, the change of government goverance mode has become a worldwide tendency. Under the circumstance of world globalization, China, as the largest developing country in the world, should not disregard this tendency, but to take a positive attitude towards this tendency. Owing to some deficiencies exist in the mode of"new public administration", our national administration reform cannot copy the western countries'new public administration mode absolutely. What our country should do is to absorb and draw on the experience of this mode; promote reforms in administration system and explore a road of government reform which is suited to our national conditions.Under this general background,"service-type government"emerges because of demand. Service-type government is a new concept innovated by our national scholars according to our national conditions in the process of theoretical study of administration system reform. Service-type government is a new government management mode and it should be the result of the interpenetration of modes of people's government, responsible government, limited government, law government, transparent government, honest government and efficient government. The construction of service-type government is not only a positive measure adopted by our country towards worldwide administrative reforms; it also plays an important role in constructing socialist harmonious society under new historical conditions. During twenty years after the implementing of the reform and opening up, many inharmonious factors in economic society are all result from government"overdone duty","wrong duty"and"missing duty". Therefore the construction of service-type government is a must for the object schema of administrative System reform of China . At the meantime, it is a must for the construction of socialist harmonious society.The construction of service-type government is a complicated and difficult systematic project. It should be driven through multi-aspects. The routing of service-type government involves operational mechanism, supervision mechanism and way of management of government administration. Service-type government cannot be built in one day. The construction of service-type government is a gradual process and it needs attention and efforts of all society.
Keywords/Search Tags:New Public Administration, Service-type Government, Harmonious Society, the Routing of Service-type Government
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