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The Exploration Of Democratic Enlargement In CPC In The New Period

Posted on:2007-10-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Inner-party democracy is the essence of CPC. It is a key point to win leap-forward-development and breakthrough of inner-party democracy through probing effective media for inner-party democracy and new growing points. Establishment of standing system of the congress CPC with inner-party democracy as the core constitutes a breakthrough of improving and perfecting inner-party democratic system and of realizing leadership and ruling modes.The 16th Congress of the CPC pointed out that"The system of Party congresses with regular annual conferences should be tried out in more cities and counties."Under the new situation, the permanent system of CPC's congress has become a new subject and a great field in the CPC's democratic system construction. Currently, some parts in China have already started the permanent system of the congress CPC as the trial project and made brilliant achievements. This article is grounded in the opinions of the classic Marxism writers, summarizes the basic approaches in the trial and makes a primary study on permanent system. The article is divided into four parts. The first part sums up the definition, general principles and basic characters of inner-party democracy; the second part introduces the historical retrospect of the permanent system; the third part analyzes basic approaches, reviews primary achievements, and raises the existing problems; the forth part puts forward the improvements suggestions.This article tends to purpose the theoretical guidance for the trial implementation of the permanent system. As the great measure of the inner-party democracy reform, the permanent system of CPC will benefit a lot in the further cognition of the ruling laws, in the continual improvement of ruling capability and leading levels, in the perfection of the Party's leading, and doubtlessly have the extensive influence on the development of the Party.
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