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Practice Conditions And System Construction For Permanent System Of Party Congress In New Century

Posted on:2010-03-29Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Party congress system is a modern political party's fundamental organizational system and a leadership system reflected organizational principles of democratic centralism of Marxist political parties. As an integral part of it, the permanent system in party congress is not only a form of implementation in inner-party democracy, but also important protection carriers and organizations to realize democracy within the party system.To research practice conditions and system construction, we base on the two points in this paper, that is, the theoretical basis point from democracy, congress system to permanent tenure,and practical basis including foundation of the annual system, development to "three waves" of a permanent system at Party National Congress in China,both of which attain to explain the meaning of its theory and understanding of its practical origin. We select the permanent system of Lvxiang in Shanghai as a typical case by deducing its promoting conditions and system construction on its origin ,and also its track and confusion, thus recognizing the regular pattern of its future development.For the first part, it is about the permanent system and political democracy. Political parties are the product of democratic politics.In the final analysis,continuity of the ruling powers can only be obtained from democratic politics. Therefore, democracy is not only a goal pursued by the ruling party, but also the standard for public judgement of whether the ruling party is legitimateor or not. In addition,the ruling party are facing a serious political topic, that is, how to continuously acquire, to maintain and enhance the legitimacy to govern? Actually,it is the promotion of the permanent system and the party congress system that are strategic approaches to develop the people's and social democracy by progressing inner-party democracy. Furthermore, the practice of permanent system contribute to the formation of harmony in the party atmosphere and mechanisms. To implement the permanent system is an inherent requirement of the legitimacy of the party. For the second part, it is about the general historical analysis of congress permanent system. Founded by Marx and Engels, Lenin developed the annual congress system .On the base of piloting the annual congress system in the early days, CPC put forward a idea to pilot permanent system creatively in the eighth party congress, which has inherited and developed the Marxist ideological system of the annual party congress. In the recent five decades, the theory and practice of this system in general has experienced several twists and turns. The reasons concerned are a lot,including Man's leadership system, the lack of an adequate institutional mechanisms, the paradox of the path-dependent, the emotional level of the pilot, the many conflicts in the pilot and lack of scientific evaluation system. Consequently the practice road will not be smooth.For the third part, it is about the permanent system carried out in Lvxiang. Through its pilot stage of the review and summary of the grass-roots Party Congress, we outline the basic practice pattern of the permanent system and learn a lesson that exploring enthusiasm of the party members can make the internal driving force aggregated; building an open system can make the continued strength created, integrating social development of the grass-roots level can make vitality strongly maintained. From these, the practice conditions are empirical,and also a typical case is provided for building the system of permanent tenure.For the fourth part, it is about the conditions in the process of the permanent system. With the help of tracing the practical background of it macroscopically, the source and dynamics of the practice of permanent system can be explored through micro-analysis,and then the social conditions will be deduced. Certain details of regional democracy, the level of local economic development, composition and form of operation, the central role of local party committees and historical and cultural human factors, as well as the main practice of democratic skills, the five-force interaction profoundly impact on the breadth and depth of practice for the system of permanent tenure.For the fifth part, it is about expanding practical space of the permanent system. Lvxiang case mainly manifests that the party structure is irrational, party participation in decision-making capacity is not high, and permanent system functions of leadership is not clear enough, performance practice is not significant and vitality of practice mechanism is to be enhanced. Faced with all the bottleneck problems, we must build a permanent party system, annual congress system and a right protection system of party members,and carry out the evaluation system.For the sixth part, it is about building a permanent system of power operation. It has two characteristics , practical and institutional properties. A permanent body must be established. Moreover, the relations between the Congress and National People's Congress, People's Political Consultative Conference must be handled correctly; the relations between the Congress and Committee, the satanding committee must be dealed with scientifically;the relations between the Congress and the Party Committee, Commission for Discipline Inspection must be processed reasonably. Reverse run must be changed on inner-party power relations under the conditions of non-permanent system and power structure must be transformed of real personal centralization. By establishment of the authorized chain correctly as a logical starting point, foundation a permanent body as a organization vector, adjustment of inner-party power structure and function comprehensively, construction of the scientific system of power, we'll try to realize congress of highest organ of state power and the status of the highest oversight body. Construction of the party of power under the conditions of permanent system is not only an important condition for promoting the system of permanent tenure,but also core elements for permanent system,which is concerned with success or failure of reform and innovation of the party's leadership system.
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