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The International Effect Of "the Color Revolution" And The Strategic Choice Of China's Development

Posted on:2008-08-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360215452788Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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After the cold war, the development of world's multi-polarization trend is accelerated, the international political structure has undergone profound changes, however, the cold war-thought actually still exists. U.S sparely no effort carries out "the democracy transformation" in the world, unceasingly mixes the world politics structure, in order to transplant her own value idea to other countries. The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) country is the fortress which U.S makes her efforts to break through. In the last few years, it was not difficult to see from "the color revolution"which happened repeatedly, that U.S is the right supporter. The occurrence of"the color revolution"sounded the alarm bell for us, and has shown us all the time that our socialism enterprise will not to be with no pain sailing. It will be filled with the hidden rock and the turbulent current in the future, it will be dangerous if we do not pay enough attention to it. The problem that how to control ourselves in the complicated world situation is the question which we need deal with. This paper illustrates China's choices and measures for her own development through the analysis of the reasons and the effect of"the color revolution".The first part elaborates the background and the reason of "the color revolution".First, it shows the domestic factor which evoked" the color revolution". After Soviet Union disintegrated, although they had realized the independent wish which they had longed for years, they fell into the serious economic crisis, people's live was not improved; The political corruption and the social question of CIS countries, really did harm to government's prestige, intensified the realistic condition and disaffection of the people, attenuated the government authority; Most Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries are in the transforming time, many countries have not yet formed the mechanism which was used to transfer power between the former and the new authorities .With the expanding of the opposition, the enlarging of the exterior democratic pressure, many incumbent parties and the leaders felt uneasy to the new phenomenon when they were facing to the complicated domestic problems of society, politics and the economical development and the social ideological trend. The bad management provoked people's rebellious attitude, moreover, the opposition faction launched an attack with the economical, political and developing problem, the opposition faction had hundred responses to a single call; The national schism-force stirred up troubles, the contradiction between different locals and the race groups opposition intensified. And it was one of the causes which evoked"the color revolution".Next, this paper shows the international factors evoked"the color revolution". Without a doubt, U.S played an important role in "the color revolution", she instigated "the color revolution", based on three benefits demands: security, democracy and energy. As a super country with strong superiority and the power of leader, U.S is always pursuing her own "absolute security ". In American's opinion, they are responsible for leading the world, saving the world and it is right the feeling which urges U.S spread their own"American democracy"and the social value to the world. U.S is not only the biggest energy consumer, but also the biggest oil import- country. The situation is not steady in the Middle East. U.S wanted to take Central Asia - the Caspian Sea oil gas tectonic plate which is being called"the second Persian Gulf"as her target. We can get stable oil origin if we can control these countries ; We can not ignore the decline of Russia's power ,the fault of the CIS's policy and the deficient of effective controlled method to the CIS countries .No matter"hard power"or"soft power", Russia is no longer so much strong, as that in the old days, though she inherited the Former Soviet Union's inheritance. Because of the heave attack to her economy and the continuously dispirited economical condition. Russia took the CIS into her own sphere of influence as granted. She considered CIS as a part of her sphere of influence and dominated the policy of different countries by controlling the persons in power who were at higher position in the Former Soviet Union period, and this behavior brought out the people's hate and the opposition faction's object. The policy which was adopted by Putin that"pulling closer the countries who is intimate with Russia, pushing far the countries who estrange Russia"accelerated the process of fission .The process of her integration was too difficult to continue because that she had no rational idea to change the situation which she endured of to various benefits. The political power of external religion was important in the"the color revolution".The second part elaborates the influence of "the color revolution" to the Europe and Asia situation.First, this paper tells the impact of "the color revolution" on the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) country. It even threatened the continual survival of Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). The tide of "the Color revolution" swept across Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). It made the local situation turbulent; "The color revolution" also made the leaders of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) country realize the essence of "the democracy transformation" of U.S .Their vigilance to U.S was enhanced; The member states of Central Asia has become concerned about the Shanghai Cooperative Organization because of "The color revolution". It made them have the nature-ownership feeling to this organization. Next, this paper illustrates the influence of "the color revolution "to Russia. The tide of "the color revolution" is a flood which harmed the Russia's benefit in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).It made the influence on the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) drop suddenly. "The color revolution" was spreading unceasingly .This caused panic-stricken in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) country. So was Russia. Russia became a latent goal in which U.S want to instigate "the color revolution" newly; Now Russia has the most gas reserve in the world, after "the color revolution" Russia treated the energy sign as an important political chip to divert the western nation; "The color revolution" urged Russia to cooperate with China, and Russia promoted Shanghai Cooperative Organization's expected political value rapidly.Finally, this paper tells us the teach from "the color revolution" to China. As to strategy benefit, after "the color revolution", the west of our country is completely exposed to the exterior influence, which cannot be treated as the big rear area of our country. When the energy strategy benefit is concerned, "the color revolution" enhanced the Chinese oil-input risk; When the national security strategy comes to, after "the color revolution" our national territory security faced a very big challenge.The third part documents how to resist "the color revolution".First, this paper elaborates the domestic developmental strategy of the natural action. In fact, "the color revolution" in Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) showed us once again, we need to strengthen the party's ruling ability urgently . We can not get people's approval and trust until we strengthen the party's ruling ability unceasingly .So we could maintain the foundation of the ruling validity; We must implement the west development strategy steadfastly, speed up the pace of the economical development of the western area, promote the society to be progressive and maintain the border area stable and safe, which are the important magic weapons to resist "the color revolution".Next, this paper depicts the international developmental strategy. The Shanghai Cooperative Organization is the first area international organization which is instructed by China to set up. It has both the symbolic significance and the practical significance to China. We should strengthen the construction of the Shanghai Cooperative Organization further. The Shanghai Cooperative Organization has provided a platform to us which can enhance the communication, the exchange and the cooperation between China and Central Asia countries.China initiated Science Development View in China and diligently constructed the Harmonious Society. China summoned altogether to construct the Harmonious World. China advocated to strengthen the communication and the dialogue between different countries, to promote the social development to all aspects, to achieve the common prosperity worldwide and to be winners under the foundation of equality and mutual benefit.Thus, we may know clearly that there are complex reasons behind "the color revolution" which broke out repeatedly. The meaning to Europe and Asia's situation is profound. China has made a good effort to resist "the color revolution", which will promote China to marching on a much healthier, more harmonious way.
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