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Influence Of Internal Party Politics On Taiwan Authority's Cross-Strait Policy

Posted on:2007-09-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y C WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360215470442Subject:Public Management
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Taiwan issue constitutes the biggest and most dangerous trouble during China's strategic opportunity period. Any attempts of opposing and checking Taiwan's secession from China must be established on the premise that we hold a reasonable and clear understanding of Taiwan's internal party politics development and the authority's corss-strait policy orientation.The thesis divides Taiwan authority's cross-strait policy into three levels: cross-strait political definition, cross-strait economic exchange and investment, principle of ralationship between Taiwan and the mainland. Through the historical study of constitution amendments, the writer exhibits constitution regime change in the Taiwan region. Taking a quantitative approach, this paper examines reunification/independence ideology movement of Taiwan's main political parties, corss-strait economic and investment movement and the coefficiency of relationship between the above data. The study finds that cross-strait will continue its steady development despite party's ideology while Taiwan's investment in mainland will fluctuate because of the different ideology orientation of the ruling party.Comparative study between president candidate's policy adress and the actual policy-making after winning the election finds that president can carry out his policy manifesto due to his legal power, but if he changes his stand on some issue in the election campaign, he will be reluctant to or not implement it at all. This paper also studies legislator election and how the seat allocation in the Legislative Yuan will affect the authority's cross-strait policy. The author takes elections on the central level of government as the root of pan-blue party's reunification/independence jump before election.A theoretical model, comprising of president power, identification of president and the predominant congress party, the predominant part in congress as three factors, is built to analyze relationship between executive and the legislative branch. A case study is given to make the study of party politics more specific.In the end, the author analyzes the important factors affecting Taiwan's party politics development, and based on all the previous study, the author predicts corss-strait policy tendency of the future Taiwan authority.
Keywords/Search Tags:Party Politics, Taiwan Authority, Cross-Strait Policy
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