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Research On Professional Sports Club And The Law Related

Posted on:2008-11-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360212479253Subject:Political Theory
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The fast development of sports industries is an inevitable phenomenon of prevailing economic development. Against the background of acceleration of professionalization reform in sports industries and 2008 Olympic Games to be held, it is worthwhile that more attention be drawn on this issue. Based on my research, there are many problems to solve throughout the development of professional sports league in China when compared to that of western developed countries. More discussions and guidance shall be applied to the practice of reform in theory. From this point of view, the author of this essay has reviewed the best pattern for development of professional sports industries in western developed countries - Professional Sports League System. Summarizing the merits, especially those advanced experiences on the frame of the legal environment, and referring to the actual situation in our country, this essay has tried to point out a feasible way to follow for the deep reform in professional sports industries from the angle of the law researches.The character, organization principle, legal environment of Leagues were discussed with the theories of organization, public choice, civil law, economic analysis law by methods of literature, expert discussion and logic analysis. The conclusions are following:1,Professional Sports Clubs is attributed to trade union with special organization structure that had close relationship with the miracle development of professional sports allover the world. Professional Sports Clubs is different with common corporation leagues. Western country, especially of American, makes succeed from have strongly Leagues.2,There are still many problems in the prevailing reform of the professional sports industries. Macroscopically, the management system of the sports league is not quite reasonable. Monomial sports associations with dense administrative power have predominated too many management rights while the actual investors of the sports league are left with no rights to enjoy. Microcosmically, the unclear property rights among different professional clubs and chaotic inner management systems are unable to meet the requirements of the market exploitation. In order to change this situation, we must carry out the reform from two aspects so as to build the criteria of judgment based on the establishment of the real professional sports league and clean off the obstacles from the angle of legislation.3,More problems regarding laws will appear in the operation of the professional sports league, like he problems to face in management union relationships with regards to labor laws and...
Keywords/Search Tags:Professional Sports Clubs, Sports Law, Antitrust Law
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