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The Analysis Of Functions Of Grass-root Government In Terms Of The Rural Public Products

Posted on:2008-02-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H F SongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360215493160Subject:Administrative Management
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In the analysis of rural politics, academic circles frequently regard in a realisticperspective the functions of basic-level government including firstly, political control and"sink"-administrative function, secondly, entrepreneurs function with the centre ofeconomic development, thirdly, public service function. Among these three functions,basic-level government attaches more importance to the former two functions whileneglect the third one, which is embodied in the neglect of the supply of rural publicproducts. Reviewing the changes in the history of the supply of rural public products, dueto basic-level government's confusion on the roles of service and management, and ontaxes (public for the community public services) and profit (exclusive for the private orgroups), the supply of quality public products and services is not materialized under thecentralized system. With the continuous deepening of the development of marketeconomy, the promulgation of socialist "new rural area" construction and theservice-oriented government, new situation in the supply of rural public products emerges.The changes of the ecological environment of administration will inevitably give rise tothe changes of govemment functions. As the "power tips", basic-level government haveto consider their function positioning: to strengthen public service functions and improvethe supply system of rural public products. As a research in problems, this paper considersnew rural construction as an ecological environment of administration and under thislogic context analyzes the functions of basic-level government weaving around theproblem of the supply of rural public products.
Keywords/Search Tags:new rural construction, rural public products, basic-level Government, responsibility
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