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The Changing Of Mohist: Spring Up, Decline And Revive

Posted on:2007-08-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J H LuFull Text:PDF
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This thesis research the Mohist (a school of thought in the spring & autumn and warring states period 770-221 BC.) from the spring up, decline and revive of Mohist School, and, analyses the history background and social reasons of Mohist's decline and revive. Revive of Mohist affects the idea and civilization of modern China and full of important meanings. However, the Mohist's law ideas have not attracted enough attention. The modern value of Mohist showed mainly in its advocating of "universal love"," condemnation of offensive war"," exaltation of virtuous" and so on. The "universal love" which MO ZI advocated 2000 years ago to against the war and defend the peace and put up with the tort between human-beings is the "theory guide" of international law in some level. Author thinks it is a pity that there is no scholar has explored the Mohist's legal ideas. So, this thesis will centre on the Mohist's legal idea and the modern meaning of it.
Keywords/Search Tags:the spring up of Mohist, the decline of Mohist, revive, legal ideas of MO ZI, modern meaning
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