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Analyzes Of Strategy In The Building Of Administrative Service Center's E-government Of Inner Mongolia

Posted on:2009-06-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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"11th Five-Year Plan" is a special period for China's economic and social development, this period is also quite important for the economic and social information development in Inner Mongolia, at the same time the global information technology rapid development, and the information technology has become the booster for the national economic and social development. In such circumstances, the effective use of information for the Government to increase the level of administrative services became the key point of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region's administration system reform. Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region's administrative service center was just set up during this kind of situation. The meaning for the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to build up an administrative service center was quite important, because this region had so many government levels and they were quite far from each other. Therefore, the e-government service centre service system became a low-cost, highly efficient administrative service system.The author reveals those resistance factors that affected the administrative building of e-government service centre, as well as how was the reform of the system of administrative examination affect the government to develop e-government, and also analysis the strategies of how to build up e-government service center for Inner Mongolia step by step through the analysis of this region's real situation.Firstly, we need to construct a "three clusters" e-government system. Through "three clusters" of the e-government system of network topology, we can clearly understand of the "three clusters" of the e-government system network architecture, it is through the use of computer network technology to connect the Service Center of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region with the leagues or cities'administrative service center. It could become a net platform for protecting the connection between different levels of government. In side of the government this platform could make different levels of governments share their information and make sure these information is safe. At the outside of the government, this platform would connect the government with the public, and also Government could releases information to the community through this platform.Secondly, the author analysis the existing examination system, by the shortages of this system the author made an internet e-government system for the examination system based on the "three clusters". One side, this new system broadly use the internet and the other side it make up those two system on the recommendation of showing the process of government works. Prospects for the system, management fees, system configuration, analysis and management, the Internet, other subsystems for the class centre for the administrative examination and approval and the handling of day-to-day management, statistics, query and Internet-based processing model two basic functions the same, the difference is that prospects for subsystem also has reported statements subsystems, and reported lower levels of reporting subsystem and reported a receiver subsystems, so that the window is not only dealing with the level of administrative examination and approval, and also reported to have accepted a lower level of approval and the ability to declare a report. This allows industry and commerce; tax, technical supervision, and other vertical management system connect with the effective management of the system. As with the same level of the examination system and approval, and reported lower levels of approval, subject to approval of the class cannot be accepted and reported backup issues, and other functions, with three administrative examination and approval is based on the functional and service center "three clusters" of e-government system, so it is called as "three clusters" Internet e-government system of administrative examination and approval system.Finally, the author construct the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region administrative services center's overall e-government framework, the framework into its e-government network platform, data access layer, the exchange of information, application systems, as well as four levels of e-government standards and norms in security and e-government system, and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the building of e-government service center prospect to prospect. In this paper, the innovation lies in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to build the service center "three clusters" of e-government system, and put forward based on the "three clusters" of the Internet e-government system of administrative examination and approval system, and make up for the approval of the existing model deficiencies. Of course, due to the limited level of the author, the views put forward may not be perfect, and the author hope that this research can be carried out on the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to make up administrative services center building theory and make a little contribution to the building of region's administrative service center.
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