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The Study On The Conditions Of Dividing Policy-making And Implement In Our Government

Posted on:2009-03-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X M ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360242990722Subject:Administrative Management
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In the world reform trend of dividing decision-making and implementation, the target of reform which is similar with them was established in china. In this background, answering these questions—-what conditions we need and how they are in china—-is very important for choosing timing and making tragedy of reform.Market economy has created a lot of conditions for dividing decision-making and implementation: Efficient operation of the enterprise; the strong demands on restrictions to the powers; various mechanisms and characteristics of economic globalization; taxpayers'awareness; the requirements for freedom of the market; the market operations able to express their will; the characteristics of legalizations, etc. Civil society creates many conditions for dividing decision-making and implementation, such as Stronger will of political participation; the aspirations and ability to monitor the governmental power; the field of employment after reform; qualified citizens and the social carriers of bearing government functions. The political background of western reform is characterized by its Western unique political system, and does not have universal significance.The policy-making system which contains the sound policy-making advisory system, the Diversified Participation in decision-making, the well-developed information system for policy-making, the strong supervision mechanism for policy-making and the system of scientific policy-making procedures and methods is a important condition of the reform. Performance evaluation, which can ensure the effective operation of the implementing agencies after dividing the decision-making and implementation, is an important condition for the reform. Mature bureaucracy, as a condition of reform, is the transformable target and basis.In Chinese external conditions, economic conditions is a more mature condition (but has yet to be perfect), civil society is just in the beginning stage, the political conditions are in need of special treatment. Chinese policy-making system and the bureaucratic system, and the current government policy-making and implementation situation are a far cry from the demands of the reform conditions. The evaluation performance is carried out at this stage of our Government for dividing policy-making and the implementation reform, but also unable to generate strong support for reform, is being further improved in. It is easy to reform but difficult to receive effect because of lacking of conditions for the reform. The way of China's current reform of dividing policy-making and implementation, should be gradual reform which should coordinate with conditions of the reform. The current administrative reforms are also consciously or unconsciously creating conditions for the reform of dividing policy-making and implementation.
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