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Study On The Public Service Innovation Based On Knowledge Sharing

Posted on:2009-12-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y J SuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360242997344Subject:Administrative Management
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Practice in private organizations has proved that Knowledge Management (KM) is a good tool to improve the innovation and profits. Thus, we can suppose that by introducing KM theories and methods into public organizations properly, innovation of public services. will be catalyzed.By now, researchers have demonstrated the significance of KM in public sectors and identify its main factors. They also studied the process and environment of introducing KM in public organizations. However, current researches did not specially focus on how to execute KM in public services organizations in order to facilitate the innovation of public service.As a key process in KM, knowledge sharing plays core roles in KM. In public service organizations, knowledge sharing can multiples the knowledge utilization, thus it can facilitate knowledge application and knowledge creation of public service organizations, which will in turn promote the efficiency and quality of public service.This thesis explores the relationship of knowledge sharing and public service innovation, and then it attempts to study how to integrate knowledge sharing theory and methods into public service knowledge,The main contents of the thesis are in following:1) The research of knowledge sharing in public service process. According to public property and society property of public service, it summarizes the main body of public knowledge sharing. It discusses the objects, methods and influencing factors of knowledge sharing in public service organizations.2) The study of relationship between knowledge sharing and public service innovation. It demonstrates that knowledge sharing is the cause of public service innovation, explains why knowledge sharing can facilitate public service innovation, and then constructs relationship model between knowledge sharing and public service innovation.3) The study of how to construct knowledge sharing environment in public service organizations.
Keywords/Search Tags:knowledge sharing, public service innovation, decision-making innovation, execution innovation
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