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On Green Barriers In International Trade

Posted on:2009-05-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360245481028Subject:International Law
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Nowadays how to balance the relationship between environmental protection and free trade has become one of the problems to be solved in the international community. Effectively solving the problem of green barriers for the coordination of environmental and trade relations is of great significance.This paper holds that green barriers are environment-related barriers to international trade that are set up by various countries to restrict or prohibit the goods of other countries access to their markets according to the relevant domestic and international laws. Any country has the potential to take this measure. For the green barriers, the legal basis is broad, the essence is the externalization of contradiction between the environment and foreign trade, the emergence and development is the result of various factors, and its international and domestic impact is widespread and far-reaching.This paper has a total of four parts in the following:The first chapter is mainly on the concept, features, expressions, the latest development, legal basis and substance of green barriers.The second chapter discusses the reasons for the emergence and development of green barriers. The environmental crisis, economic interests' stimulation, political groups' promotion, and international legal theory contribute together to the factors of the emergence and development of green barriers.The third chapter, based on the viewpoint that the green barrier is "the double-edged sword", elaborates its influence on economy environmental protection, and rule of law from domestic and international levels dialectically.The fourth chapter offers some strategies and measures on how to effectively solve the problem of green barriers from domestic and international levels.
Keywords/Search Tags:Trade Liberalization, Environmental Protection, Green Barrier, Sustainable Development
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