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Research On Legal Regulation Of Freedom Of Religious Belief In Contemporary China

Posted on:2015-03-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2266330425495231Subject:Legal theory
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Despite the freedom of religious belief has already be proposed for several hundreds of years. But in China, the study of the legal regulation on freedom of religious belief is very limited. And the religion itself has a series of features such as long-term, complexity, the mass, internationality and nationality and so on. Therefore, making a further study on the legal regulation of freedom of religious belief will become more theoretical meaningful and practical meaningful in contemporary China. This paper also will try to research the legal regulation of freedom of religious belief from the perspectives of historical development and theoretical analysis in contemporary China. About the historical development, this paper will research the related theories of legal regulation on religious freedom. About the theoretical analysis, this article will focus on the shortcomings and contradictions of legal regulation of freedom of religious belief in contemporary China. And thus, we will further discuss how to improve the legal regulation in contemporary China.Chapterl will first discuss the "freedom of religious belief" from perspectives of sociology and semantics. And thus, in order to further study, we will give it a simple definition. Then we will further discuss it from the perspectives of theory and practice.Chapter2will focus on the history of legal regulation of freedom of religious belief in contemporary China. This chapter has discussed the historical development process of freedom of religious belief from the new democratic revolution to reforming and opening up in contemporary China. Through the research of the historical development process, we can gain a lot of experience for further development of the legal regulation of religion in contemporary China.Chapter3will focus on the inadequate of legal regulation and the suggestions for freedom of religious belief. After a thorough study on the reasons of shortcomings, this chapter will provides some possible ideas and suggestions, and through these suggestions and ideas, we hope to be able to promote the development of legal regulation of religious freedom in contemporary China.
Keywords/Search Tags:Religious Belief, Freedom, Legal Regulation
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