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China's Peaceful Rise And American Adjustments Of Asian And Pacific Strategy

Posted on:2009-10-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360245990597Subject:International relations
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Keeping the world peace and developing friendly relations with various countries are not only advantageous to China's modernization, but also to the stability and prosperity of Asian and Pacific area as well as all over the world. General Secretary Hu Jintao emphasized"China will consistently walk on the path of peaceful development"in the 17th meeting reports of the Communist Party of China. The China's strategy of peaceful development can be traced to the same origin of the strategy of peaceful rise. The proposal of Peaceful Rise indicates that the Chinese diplomacy will adopt a new policy in pace with the environment change: The Chinese government are ready to take more international responsibilities and a more positive gesture in the international affairs , play a more important role and set up a peaceful and responsible image of great nation in order to eliminate the psychology which came from the international society guarding against China and build a more stable and advantageous peripheral and international environment for the economic development. This not only has the significance in the aspect of theory and policy, but also has the orienting function to our foreign policy's formulation. The intention of peaceful development is precisely to propose a concept which can accurately express China's developing direction and the strategic intention due to the reality that China is becoming powerful as well as the worry from the international society about China's foreign policy. The phrase of Peaceful Development is just more temperate and less likely to cause unnecessary suspicion and attention. In the significant transformation period of the international relations system, China has more room for strategic maneuver and space for international cooperation. The frame of bilateral Military alliance treaty in The Asian and Pacific area which leads by the US takes China as the latent target to surround, which constituted the main challenge to China's Asian and Pacific security environment; the potential military conflict crisis in Asian and Pacific area possibly occurs in Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, the South China Sea and the Taiwan Straits. China's influence are increasing in the region day by day, in the meantime the US which has significant strategic benefit in this area also readjust its Asian and Pacific strategy and the policy towards China constantly in according to its own national interests and the change of international and Asian and Pacific area situation; the construction and adjustments of American Asian and Pacific strategy depend to a great extent on the Sino-US relations and its developing trend, which are always the leading factor in American Asian and Pacific strategy. China rises in the international and the Asian and Pacific security environment dominated by the American leadership, how to response to the reality of China's rise and becoming the powerful nation becomes the biggest challenge which the US faces in the Asian and Pacific area. So the American Asian and Pacific strategy's adjustment brought challenges to China's peaceful rise as well as created opportunities. Its implementation is not only the origin of inevitable conflicts between China and US, but also has provided the conditions for China and US cooperation in every way.
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