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A Study On The Construction Of Administrative Ability Of Party Committee In The Course Of Building A Harmonious Society

Posted on:2009-02-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360272476263Subject:Political Theory
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Constructing a socialist harmonious society is a task advanced by the 4th session of the 16th Party Congress. This is the reality we deal with the issue of the party's strategic choice. And it is an inevitable demand of reinforcing the social basis of the Party s ruling and realizing the historical task of the Party s ruling. At present, a lot of new situations and problems have come up in the development of our society. The gap of the income between the city and the country enlarges a lot. The social interests'subject splits. The contradictions among the people have shown new features. The social challenges of the risk are more severe. How to solve these problems and strengthen the party's administrative ability, related to the ability of building harmonious society.The party's administrative ability is fundamental guarantee of constructing a harmonious society. Social transformations arising in the course of a series of problems bring challenges to the party's administrative ability. It is necessary to strengthen the party's administrative ability. It plays a leading role, is political basis and political guarantee in the course of Building a harmonious Society. Construction harmonious society has made new demands to the administrative ability of Party Committee. To strengthen the administrative ability of Party Committee is an important means of building harmonious society. This paper has made the path of strengthening the Party Committee's administrative ability, on the basis of analyzing the challenge during building harmonious society.There are five chapters in this paper. The first chapter explains the purpose and significance of the topic, elaborates the content and objectives of the study, analyses the difficult according to a brief review of research, and puts forward the research methods and innovation. The second chapter analyses the internal relations between Party Committee's administrative ability and building harmonious society, and makes a separate interpretation from four aspects. The third chapter analyses the challenges facing by constructing Party Committee's administrative ability. Moreover it elaborates the main reasons of some problems happened during the course of construction. Then it points out the urgency of constructing administrative ability of county's party committee during new period from several angles, such as the changes of the world, the country, the party and the county in detail. The forth chapter puts forward the path of strengthening the Party Committee's administrative ability. The fifth chapter is conclusion. This part responds to the questions in the introduction once more and summarizes own viewpoint. This part analyzes the existing insufficiency comparatively objectively and makes further discussion of several questions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Communist Party of China, Harmonious society, Ability to Govern
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