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The Basic Logic And Realistic Approaches Of Government Information Opening Online

Posted on:2010-05-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Government information as the effective protection of the people in public right to know, participate and express the right to supervise the logic of the premise is to ensure that the power under the sun to run the foundation is to promote openness in government affairs inevitable choice, but also the building of socialist democracy and legal system are an important aspect of . Information as a resource, and its value lies in the elimination of user information at the decision-making process the uncertainty of government information at the elimination of ordinary citizens, legal persons or other organizations in the decision-making process of the uncertainty of government influence, but also to enable citizens to The Government has implemented effective external supervision, and conducive to information services, administration in accordance with the law and transparent governance. "People's Republic of China Government Information Disclosure Ordinance" (hereinafter referred to as "Government information opening regulations") The promulgation and implementation of public information for the Government to provide the necessary legal framework and institutional basis. However, "Government information opening regulations" did not give the Government complete the logic of public information and operational logic of a realistic way. Therefore, based on the "Government information opening regulations" Government information open to explore the basic logic and realistic way, on the "Government information opening regulations" the effective implementation of great theoretical significance and practical significance. Internet information and open government are an important way, with the Government, public information in other ways when compared with the real-time information in public low-cost, convenient and quick access to information and other advantages, the Government is bound to become the main way to open information, which is information technology development and its management in the effective application of the inevitable trend of more government information online to explore our open the basic logic and realistic way to provide a good reason.This paper discusses the following three aspects:First, the Government made public the status information online. Because of this article is based on "Government information opening regulations" as the background and basis are based on open system of administrative affairs and to conduct research. Therefore, necessary to this question the status quo there is a comprehensive and detailed grasp, including academic research and online public the status quo. Therefore, the first part of the main statistical methods used for analysis. Academic research at the status quo analysis, to study the way the literature, carding a near decade of research on the problem context, and then select the e-government perspective argumentation analysis of theoretical significance. In the actual building, first of all clarify the research object for the local government, and government information online to limit the scope of the open, will the study conducted under the "Government information opening regulations" and building a common e-government framework; then of government information online in public the status of two levels from the analysis, one of which is the basis of "Government website performance assessment report" of the data from the whole of local government information on-line analysis of the status of open, and the second is the use of sample surveys and tracking studies the manner of the selected samples of the open government web sites for in-depth analysis of the situation, and then demonstration of this proposition to study the necessity and practical significance.Second, the Government made public the basic information and logic flow. From the logic on this part are divided into two tiers, including the content on four aspects. First of all, the basis of "Government information opening regulations" on the Government's overall public information process, take the initiative to open the application process and in accordance with the process of combing public and guided separately from their respective logical flow; And, based on the above derived that the Government organize a public information online logic flow. In view of applications for the open operation in accordance with the particularity required of its basic process and logic flow and the implementation of the logic flow of relief separately expounded. At the logical flow of the process of combing through every aspect of the flow in the property, the role and possible impact of existence discussed in detail in order to achieve a clear understanding of the purpose of open government information, thereby contribute to public policy and a realistic approach to the selection.Third, the Government information opende online strategy and a realistic way. This part of the study to the Government the main form of public information as a distinction between information from the Government take the initiative to open and in accordance with the application open separately on the two aspects of public policy and a realistic way to try to select the discussion. Realistic way to take the initiative to open at select area, because county government building at the Government website on controversial questions, and take the initiative to open government are the main aspects of public information, so on to city-level government and county-level government information following the Government's initiative realistic way to open separately discussed. Key word:...
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