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Research On The Standardization Of Temporary Organizations

Posted on:2010-04-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X TianFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360275960526Subject:Administrative Management
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There are various short-term work and emergencies inevitably in the economic and social development process.In order to concentrate on these tasks to complete them on time, we should establish kinds of temporary organizations,such as committee,leading group, bureau,and so on.There are some kind of inevitability and the long-term characteristic of a temporary organization,because of its flexibility and adaptability.So the temporary organizations are playing a positive role in these aspects as to strengthen a certain function of the administrative organizations,to make up for the insufficiency of the permanent organizations,to contact among the other departments and to deal with emergencies.They are able to improve the efficiency of administration.The author ascribe that there are mainly four types of the temporary organizations in our country nowadays and they are the temporary administration leadership organization,the temporary administration regulatory organization, the temporary administrative emergency-dealing organization and the temporary consultant and coordinating organization.Western developed countries have also widely established the temporary organization for consultation.At present,China is being in the period of the transformation from a planned economy to a market economy,and after making an analysis on each type of the temporary organizations,the author points out that there are still some difficulties and problems unsolved on the anomie of the establishment,operation and supervision such as overstaffing in organizations.There are many reasons for this:the legal system is imperfect,the preparation of administration is in name but not in reality,the abuse of administrative permission,the government improperly micro-regulatory,the relationship between the government and the market is dislocation,and more,the ambiguous division of the responsibilities,and so on.We should standardize the establishment,operation and supervision of the temporary organizations as the whole from these following aspects: standardizing the establishment program,changing the function of government to build a service-oriented government,controlling the budget,doing a good job in financial supervision, improving performance evaluation and limiting the existence period of the temporary origination,etc.Standardizing the temporary organizations well has the significant influence to our country's government apparatus reform,and thus affects the entire administration system reform.This article is composed of five parts,which begin with stating the research background and related domestic and foreign research summary,and it has laid the research foundation of this article.The second part introduces the connotations the temporary organizations and the present situation of the temporary organizations in both western countries and our country. The third part stated that the necessity of the establishment of the temporary organizations and the positive role which gets up in politics and the economic life.The fourth part analysis the reasons and the consequences of the anomie of the establishment,operation and supervision. Finally puts forward the policy proposal.In this article,the primaries are part four and part five.Part four focus on the reasons and the consequences of the anomie of the establishment with the theory of capture,the theory of public choice and the relationship between the government and the market.Part five focus on some simple appropriate countermeasures by drawing on the principle of SMART and Occam's Razor of the objective management and the advanced experience from abroad,the finally arrive at the conclusion of the study.
Keywords/Search Tags:Temporary organization, Organizations reform, The transformation of government functions, Anomie, Standardization
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