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30 Years Of The Reform And Opening Up China's Transformation Of Government Functions To Explore

Posted on:2011-04-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360305973842Subject:Administrative Management
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The economic environment, political environment and the cultural environment which are changing make the government functions transformed constantly. On the past three decades of reform and opening up, the economic structural transformation is the major driving force in China's transformation of government functions. With the constant improvement of the market economy and the development of the civil society, reform of government institutions is the main line and the transformation of government functions of the specific content goes through the process which includes a subordinate of government functions, externalization of government functions and integration of government functions. By this stage for searching for the transformation of government functions, we could sum up the value and the missing from the department and then propose the remedial measures to compensate for the missing, which is in order to explore the stages of development suited to China's national conditions and the mode of government functions and its realization.This paper is divided into four parts.The first part describes the general theory of knowledge in government functions and then summary the connotation of transformation of government function and its reason. In the second part, I put the transformation of government functions conducted a retrospective journey in the 30 years of reform and opening up in China. From the idea, power relations, management, organizational structure, I summarize its specific content of initial transition, externalization and the integration. The third part summarizes and points out the value and the missing in the transformation of government functions and then analyze form both internal and external reasons for the missing. The fourth part, from the understanding of the government functions,the deepening, and the transfer of three angles, sets out the remedial strategy for missing. Through institutional innovation to achieve transformation of government functions, differentiation of government functions as well as the functions of the government's market-oriented and social-oriented discussion of three aspects, it is not only complete the remedy, but also provide a general direction to guide the transformation of government functions in China's future, and then achieve with the subject of "exploring" an understanding of the purpose of another.
Keywords/Search Tags:government functional transformation, government institutional reform, institutional innovation, functional differentiation, functions marketization and socialization
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