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Research On Issues And Policies In Administrative Service Center Of Our Country: A New Power Perspective

Posted on:2010-10-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360275968767Subject:Political Theory
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Administrative Service Center is the important innovation of local government management mode, the reformation of administration permission system, the window for building a service-oriented government, the beneficial quest and attempt of implementing large department in our country. However, in the background on the absence of the systems theory to guide and systemic change , Administration Service Center is facing the multiple difficulties and challenges in the practice. And the permission problem is the core of those that are impacting of Administration Service Center in the practice. As a result, it is the origin of this paper.Basing on the power research perspective, this paper studies the permission problems with the analysis shelf of Introduction-Present analysis-Analysis of problems and the reasons-Solutions-Conclusion. With the various methods including literature, case and comparison, it deeply analyses the permission problems from the two levels which are the provisions of the relative laws and regulations and the actual operation, puts forward the corresponding countermeasures to achieve the purpose of smooth running for Administration Service Center. The text divides into five chapters. The first chapter majorly introduces the origin and significance, study review, the basic concept definition, and the theoretical basis-the theory of organizational behavior. The second analyzes the permission status of Administrative Service Center, including the two parts of the provisions of relevant laws and regulations and the practice. The third focus on the analysis of permission problems(uncertainty, complexity of the relationship, power shortage, non-standardized procedures, non-monitoring in place) and the causes (legal, institution, department benefit, traditional thinking , lags of supporting reform). The fourth address the appropriate principles (legitimacy of organization, equality of the power and responsibility, probability entry and full authorization, combination of administration according to law and efficient administration), further put forward five corresponding countermeasures (clearing the authority, streamlining the relationships, standardizing the procedures for the power exercise, improving the supervisory and cultivating the concept of the administration of the service-oriented government). The last chapter draws a conclusion.Hope that the study of the permission problems will be valuable for the construction and development of Administration Service Center in the future.
Keywords/Search Tags:Administrative Service Center, Power permission, Problem, Suggestion
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