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Research On Development And Application Issues Of E-Government Affair

Posted on:2010-10-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D F FuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360275977598Subject:Business Administration
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Accompanied with the rapid development of information technology,in particular network technology,the building of information-based Chinese Government system has met the new opportunities and challenges.The promotion of government information technology and actively development of e-government affair,as well as the building of e-government has become a worldwide irreversible trend.The success of e-government construction,will play an immeasurable role in government function shift,business integration,organization restructuring,process reengineering as well as management innovation,which will greatly enhance the administrative efficiency and quality,will strengthen government supervision and service,and will stimulate the national economy and information-based society to enhance China's comprehensive national strength and international competitiveness.The writer of this article studies the information platform of the Central & Southern Regional Administration of Civil Aviation of China,and have a deep analysis on the construction and application of this information platform by methods of combination of theoretical analysis and case analysis.The full text is divided into six chapters.The first chapter introduces the background of papers,the purpose and significance of research as well as methods of research and contents; chapter two introduces on e-government concept,as well as the characteristics and the composition,and particularly on the significance of the E-government affair of Administration of Civil Aviation of China;Chapter three have an analysis on the system structure and function design of Central-Southern Regional Administration of Civil Aviation;chapter four studies the application of the most common platform of the Aviation Safety Management Information System(ASMIS) and documental circulation system,as well as an analysis on the existing problems during the development of information platform construction and application,and the corresponding solutions;chapter five finally comes to the conclusion and have an expectation and outlook on the next stage of platform construction.The writer hopes that through this papers,it can find some practical solutions and can solve some practical problems on construction and application of Central-Southern Regional Administration of Civil Aviation,which will have a better service on construction of E-government affair of Central-Southern Bureau.
Keywords/Search Tags:Civil Aviation, E-Government Affair, Information-based, Information System
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