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A Study On The Impact Of Various Cultural Forces On Central Asian Political Situation

Posted on:2010-04-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360275995912Subject:International politics
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British geographer Halford J.Mackinder considered Eurasia hinterland as the "hub of power." He believes that if any nation who controls the region can impact the whole balance of forces in Eurasia. Located in the hinterland of the Eurasian continent and as the geopolitical center of Eurasia, Central Asia is a transit point and distribution center for Chinese and Western civilizations contacts since ancient times. In the early 1990s, there have been five independent states established in the territory of the former Soviet Union Central Asia region, because of Soviet Union disintegration.The five Central Asian countries become "vacuum region" to the influence of various cultural forces from the interrupted of "Russia" process to self-development. And they have been getting more and more concern by various cultural forces day by day. It made the five Central Asian countries a region for distribution for the multi-cultural forces rapidly. Meanwhile, the growth and decline of the various global cultural forces has a great influence on Asian Central political situation of the transitional period. This paper try to depict the Asian Central political situation in the past fifteen years, and analyze the contact between the growth and decline of western culture represented by the United States, the Russia culture and the Islamic culture, etc and the political situation of Central Asian, in the point we mentioned in the upper paragraph. And make an analysis of the exercise of various cultural forces—the "color revolution", in order to get a clear understanding of the growth and decline of various cultural forces which playing important roles in the change of Central Asian political situation . The purpose of this paper is to provide a basis for further analysis.
Keywords/Search Tags:global cultural forces, the growth and decline, Central Asia political situation
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