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A Study On The Global Negative Culture Forces Impacting The Central Asia

Posted on:2010-04-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360275495913Subject:International politics
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After the Soviet Russia Disaggregated, Central Asia, where Super power scrabble for and being the concatenation of the world civilization from of old became the place where the important force of the whole world scrabble for again, for its abundant nature resource and potential benefit in political and economic. All important power in the world, including West characterized by American, Russia, China, Turkey, Iran etc, gathered together in this place, varied in relative effect, jostled with one another. These power mostly are the leading force of theirs civilization, for example, America is the representative of western Civilization, Turkey and Iran represent Islamic Civilization, Russia and China separately represent Russian civilization and Chinese civilization. Their contest in Central Asia implied all the important civilized power in the world clashed in this place again.Every power put all irons in the fire to carry out their Central Asia strategy. At the same time they brought the negative factor into this place too. Thereinto, "Three forces" is a reflection of the negative civilized factor of this place in realistic politics. "Pan-Turkism and Pan-Islamism", "Hegemonies" and "Great Russia chauvinism" separately being the negative factor of Islamic civilization, western civilization and Orthodox Church civilization. They serve their leading powers the Central Asia strategy whose aim is to extent their influence in Central Asia and shoot for the dominant of this area. "China Threat Theory" aiming to contain and isolate china is the negative reflect to Chinese grow up of in and out Central Asia. All the negative factors together gravely affected the political situation of Central Asia, the concentrated embodiment is "three force" and "Color revolution". For themselves benefit, the authorities of Central Asia adopted a flexible strategy which required repress the "three force" inside and carry out balanced diplomatic strategy.
Keywords/Search Tags:Negative Culture force, Influence Benefit, The political situation of Central Asia
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