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Research On The Game Among The Major Powers In The Changes Of Central-Asia Political Situation

Posted on:2007-06-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360185478505Subject:Political Theory
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As the conjunction of the major civilizations of the world, the Central-Asia region, with the distinctive cultural environment, has long been the integration of the theories of three civilizations, namely, the east orthodox church, Islam, and Confucianism. Plus, Central-Asia region, boasting its abundant natural resources, accommodates lots of ethnics. Because of the complicated relationship, these nations, conflicting with each other in the ancient time, bring about a new round of struggle in the power resources fields. Because of its special background, the Central-Asia region plays an important role in the interaction of global civilizations and establishment of a new global order. With the guidance of game theory, this paper will focus on the items as follows: first, giving an introduction to the Central-Asia's distinctive geographic strategic status, the collision in cultures, ethnics, religions; second, reviewing the changes of political situation in recent years; third, attach importance to the explanation of the interaction among the major countries like US, Russia and China; last but not the least, analyzing the strategy employed by China in this game so as to realize the strategic balance among the major countries.
Keywords/Search Tags:game among the major powers, Central-Asia political situation, Color-Revolution, SCO
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