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On Fairness Ideas Of Marx And Engels And Its Modern Value

Posted on:2010-11-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360278952726Subject:Marxist philosophy
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Marx and Engels employed merchandise equivalent exchange as the starting point to expose the underlying unfair and unequal nature of equivalent exchange under the capitalism economic institution. At the same time, they completed the fundamental transformation of the capitalistic view of equity based on historical materialism, achieving a conclusion that equity is only the conceptualized and sanctified manifestation of the current existing economic relationship or a reflection of its conservative or revolutionary sides. Carefully studying the Marx and Engels'equity theory will play a very important role in the construction of a harmonious socialist society.Fairness is a social target that people have been pursuing over a long time. Concerning equality, harmony and stability of society, social fairness is a basic value principle that any society should follow. With the development of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and the coming new era for China's socio-economic development, Comrade Hu Jingtao as the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee put forward a goal to build a socialist harmonious society, giving prominence to the achievement of social justice. Thus, the realization of social justice is the key and core to building a harmonious society. If there is no social fairness, there is no real social harmonization. However, during building a harmonious society, accompanied by a profound and radical transformation of society, deep-seated contradiction brought by social unfairness appear gradually , some of which are likely to be worse. The safe running of society and its healthy development will face new challenges. If we do not resolve these contradictions timely and properly, it will slow down China's modernization process. Marx and Engels'fairness ideas must be employed as a guideline to help people analyze and solve these contradictions and problems correctly. Therefore, the thesis makes a comprehensive analyze and discussion on how to understand the fairness idea of Marx and Engels, how to recognize the important role played by fairness in constructing a harmonious socialist society, and constructing a social value system which suits the harmonious socialist society under the guidance of Marx and Engels'fairness ideas.First, this article gives a historical inspection on fairness ideas of Marx and Engels, inspecting social equity thoughts before Marx and Engels, and the historical and the theoretical sources for their fairness ideas. Second, this article is to comb the core content of Marx and Engels'fairness ideas and then make a summery of the characteristic and significance of their fairness ideas. Third, this article is to analysis the role of fairness in building a harmonious socialist society theoretically and practically. In the end, it is to describe how to construct the fairness conception in contemporary socialism with Chinese character in the light of Marx and Engels fairness ideas from the aspects of ideology, system construction, politics, economy and culture.
Keywords/Search Tags:Marx and Engels, Fairness ideas, Social equity, Harmonious socialist society
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