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An Institution Analysis Of Corruption Problem In China

Posted on:2010-03-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X H GuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360278972524Subject:Public Management
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In recent years, great achievements have been accomplished in the construction of CPC's general mood and an honest and clean government and the fight against corruption. The spreading impetus of the corruption phenomena among party and government organs and cadre team has been effectively held back. However, our country is still in a time of frequent and highly possible happening of corruption phenomena now, which is manifested by the constant happening of big and serious law bases of corruption. so the situation of anti-corruption is still awfully stern.According to the survey of the biggest news website in China—Xinhua Net, anti—corruption is ranked as the top one on the seniority board of the topics of concerning. Corruption has become the chronic and stubborn during the improving process of nowadays society, and the harm of its existence to the country and society can not be underestimated. To propose pragmatic harnessing measures according to the clear and profound cognition of corruption, has become the most urgent mission now.In view of the great harm of corruption phenomena and the emergency of anti-corruption, setting corruption problem as the object of study, this dissertation analyzes deeply into the Cause breeding corruption, and proposes the author's own suggestions and counter-measures, in the expectation of accomplishing the objective of harnessing corruption effectively, and contributing his own strength for the construction of a harmonious society.This dissertation firstly draws out the tentative plan of the way of harnessing corruption by the analysis of an example, that is, to block up every possible gap by institutional design and assure that the institution call spot anyone who is trying to be or has been corrupt. Secondly, it gives a detailed description of the definition of corruption, and points out the serious harm brought to the country and society by corruption, emphasizing the emergency and necessity of harnessing corruption. Thirdly, it introduces the studying methods and theories of corruption in home and abroad, and proposes the studying methods and logic of the dissertation. This author holds that, the fundamental reason for the rampant corruption is the irrational structure and arrangement of institution. and it's the institutional drawbacks of all respects that create and breed corruption continuously. So if we want to harness corruption, we must analyze the present institution to find out the reasons and implement reformation and perfection. Then, on the base of the introduction of the connotation and functions of institution, relying on the theories of the analysis of institution, creatively, the author puts out a method for the analysis of institution, and applies the method to analyze the institutional origin of corruption's breeding in our country from three aspects, namely, the mechanism of the making, implementing and ensuring of institution, to explore all kinds of shortages existing in the present institution. At the end of it, in view of the institutional drawbacks causing the emergence of corruption, this dissertation proposes the detailed countermeasures for establishing and perfecting the construction of institution from deducing the motive of corruption, eliminating chance structure for the emergence of corruption and raising corruption cost, hence the purpose of harnessing corruption accomplished.
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