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Analysis System Construction Of Corruption Since China's Reform And Opening Up

Posted on:2012-07-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2216330362953505Subject:Chinese Communist Party
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In recent years, anti-corruption system construction although already achieved remarkable results, but also realize that corruption long-term and complexity, arduous. Through authority network surveys, such as people's net and news of China net...etc., anti-corruption is still a common people care about most topics. China's current anti-corruption situation is not optimistic, corruption is not only caused great economic losses, and caused bad political influence. Based on corrupt profound understanding of it, put forward practical feasible measures, have already become a top priority.In view of system is people's behavior standard, is the foundation to maintain social normal and orderly development, is the key to combat corruption, all of this fully illustrated that system play the role in the anti-corruption construction. Based on the construction of the anti-corruption system as the research object, the causes of corruption, analyzing and put forward its own proposals and countermeasures to early realization of anti-corruption system construction goal, let the society more harmonious and stable.In chapter 1, the introduction of one of the social existence, this paper analyzes a common phenomenon, choosing the appropriate view, analyzes the significance of topic, and discusses the structure, content, method, the research analyzed the difficulty.The chapter 2, I described the related concept of corruption detailed , and points out that the connotation and characteristics of corruption, stressed the urgency and necessity of corruption governance. Then on the introduction of the meaning and function of the system based on the theory of institutional analysis, basis, from methodology I puts forward a set of perfect system method.The chapter 3, this paper puts forward the fundamental reason of corruption is the system structure and system arrangement is unreasonable, various aspects of the institutional defects created corruption. Therefore, to have a deeply analysis about the current system is necessary to control corruption , find out the reasons and reform and perfect. This article from system constituting mechanism, system implementation mechanism and system guarantee mechanism of three aspects of our current analysis system root, and explore the defect existing in the system.The fourth chapter according to the system defect lead to corrupts, and puts forward several countermeasures, striving from the rule of law and improve to the anti-corruption system implementation up to perfect system construction; Let system tube people, strengthen and perfect the supervision mechanism and perfect anti-corruption system construction of specific measures from the source, thus achieve the purpose of controlling corruption.
Keywords/Search Tags:Reform and opening-up, Anti-corruption campaign, The defect of institution, Institution, Establishment of institution
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