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The Institutional Basis Of The Charity

Posted on:2009-11-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360242988588Subject:Social Security
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Charitable cause is a noble and sacred social welfare undertakings, the building of a socialist spiritual civilization is an important component part. Development charity, in life the less privileged, ease social gap between rich and poor, promote social justice, and safeguarding social stability, are playing a very important role. Developed a charitable cause is the development of social "shock absorbers", a civilized society is an indispensable symbol.1949 after 40 years, the Chinese mainland charity is a blank because of lacking system of charitable .Until the early 1990s, charities finally re-emerged in China and the rapid development of charity undertakings in the system but the system is far slower regulation in the reality of the cause of charity activities, yet a unified "charitable" and the Charities specialized administrative rules and regulations, the local provincial laws and regulations are rarely. When a society transition to a charitable activities of the majority of people to volunteer to participate in the charity cause, establish a sound system will be a charitable cause of their access to the sustained and healthy development of the necessary conditions. China Charity system is not perfect imperfections have become affected China's charity undertakings in the development of a major bottleneck.Based on analysis of China's charitable resources of demand and supply, the United States and Hong Kong, China from the development of the cause of charity advanced experience in the analysis of the New Institutional Economics vision of the development of China's charity cause formal system, the informal system and the implementation of environmental systems exist The problem, and proceeded to put forward to the development of China's charity cause institutional framework. In this paper, the innovation as follows: First, the angle of innovation, from the institutional structure of the system and the development of China's charity cause to explain the second is the innovative analysis method is comparative analysis methods throughout the whole and partial analysis, China and the United States, mainland China and Hong Kong, with a formal system of informal system for comparative analysis of China's charity cause to the regime is strong and restricted development of the explanation.
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