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The Modernization Of The Chinese Communist Party's Social Integration On The Background Of Growth Of Civil Society

Posted on:2011-06-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:P J CaiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360302492154Subject:Political Theory
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Since reform and opening policy, along with the development of all aspects of society, individual subjective consciousness, rights awareness, the strengthening of awareness of political participation; surge in the number of social organizations, species diversity, to further enhance the independence; public sector diversification, and rational. These changes are all reflected the growth of civil society in our country. Growth of civil society in political modernization of China put forward new demands and challenges. How to adapt to the Chinese Communist Party as the ruling party to govern this change the environment, faced with the challenges of growing civil society, the Chinese Communist Party on how the effective realization of the modernization of social integration to consolidate their power base.In this paper, to the 1980s after the occurrence and development of civil society in China as the background, analyzed the social integration of the Chinese Communist Party faces opportunities and challenges by literature research methods, historical research methods and the structure and function analysis. Pointed out that the Chinese Communist Party must be integrated the society through ideology, organizational and system. Specifically, it means to achieve the modernization of social integration, so as to consolidate the social basis for the ruling party. In particular, the Chinese Communist Party should respond positively to the growth of civil society, to reflect their own ideological flexibility and tension; to the people's interests as the core ideology of expanding the inclusiveness of the ruling party; stimulate vitality of the traditional party organizations; in the "two new" organizations and the establishment of housing units in the development of party organizations and party-building to achieve wide coverage; correct understanding of the relationship between the ruling party and state power, governing according to law, science and governance; the establishment of multi-channel, smooth the interests of the people expression and protection mechanism.
Keywords/Search Tags:civil society, the Chinese Communist Party, opportunities and challengens, social integration, modernization
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