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The Government In Public Emergency Network Public Opinion Management Research

Posted on:2018-01-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330518982716Subject:Public administration
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With the advent of the era of Internet, people can see the world through the Internet,can also be published for public events via the Internet, can say that the Internet has become the main channels for public opinion and communicate. The age of the Internet is referred to as \"the fourth media\", to master the Internet users of the Internet anyone can master the microphone, can post comment about hot public event. The development of the Internet accelerated the propagation speed of information, also has brought some criminals an opportunity at the same time, they use the network manufacturing rumours,deliberately create chaos, harm the social order. When emergency public events around us, the government has not publicly comment before, Internet users will be on the Internet, such as weibo, WeChat, BBS, such as an intense discussion, some unconfirmed may also be adopted by netizens believe and speech. The public events that took place in recent years caused by discussion on the Internet, to prove the importance of network public opinion.Network public opinion is a double-edged sword, the guidance and the spread of public opinion through the network, can allow the public to understand the ins and outs of the emergency to the oversight role of public opinion can through the network to speed up the solution of the public events, can also be stable over the people; But at the same time the network public opinion will bring many negative effects, the understanding of the truth due to the lack of public emergencies, disrupting public criminals never overtake or release rumor, confusing, and network public opinion is likely to result in a new crisis. Therefore how to reasonable management network public opinion in emergencies, give full play to the network the positive role of public opinion,inhibit its negative influence; How to deal with the destructive network public opinion,give play to the enthusiasm of network public opinion, the government needs to solve one of the major problems in the process of management.This paper consists of six parts, the first part is the introduction, at home and abroad is introduced in this paper, the research background and significance, the research status of network public opinion on public emergency management, in this paper, the research contents, research methods and technology roadmap; The second part is the related concepts of network public opinion in public emergency management, for the purpose of this article research issues on comb; At the same time the public governance theory,crisis management theory and agenda setting theory three theory established in this paper,we study the theory support. The third part of the mechanism for public emergency network public opinion analysis, its characteristics and deeply analysised the form; The objective of the fourth part demonstrates the government: why do you want to manage the network of public opinion, rather than keep the absolute freedom of speech in network world; The fifth part through case analysis, the methods of literature review method analyzes the government network public opinion in public emergency management present situation and the existing problems; The sixth part in view of the government in public emergency problems of Internet public opinion, put forward the corresponding solutions.Through the study found that the public emergency government network public opinion management requires many linkage, establish perfect the relevant legal system,network public opinion to guide of science, can also network public opinion is a piece of pure land.
Keywords/Search Tags:sudden, Public events, Network public opinion, Government network public opinion management
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