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Study On Allocation Of The Right Of Information Control In Search Engine Service

Posted on:2011-09-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X J LiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360305462582Subject:Civil and Commercial Law
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The Theory of Benefits Balance is the main line of this paper, which study the distribution of the right of information control and responsibility in the Web search engines. By analyzing the current situation of the distribution of the right of information control and responsibility in the Web search engines, point out the low efficiency in access to information, the unfair competition in information market and the absence of government information management of such issues.And further analysis of how to distribute the information control right in the search engines is validity and consistent with justice structures, and how to make sure most effective and convenient for public access to information, and how to make the output and dissemination of quality information and more assurance that the allocation of services to allow search engine persons and social responsibility and guarantee the liberty of commerce and innovative business services and technology. Based on the search engine technology, grasp the essential of the function in order, links, sorting, and then discuss how to make the information to be free, high quality, and innovate.Main points of this article:1. The search engine services have public character, but it still can be provided by the private sector can also be provided by the public finance, the public character is mainly reflected in its function as the information barrier. The search engine service providers should bear the responsibility of the appropriate control of information, exclusion and sort of not to link just to balance its content providers for the acquiescence of link match the degree, to balance the users'interest for the Click which bring economic benefits, to balance its illegal content filtering information obtained from the government regulatory control.2. The search engine involves the rights of Internet content providers, o protect the information property rights of the Web content providers, as to create more quality fresh information.3. Although the supply of private search engine for users are free, but consider the network environment, interaction between special interests, where can benefits from users'click,the users should be seen as a consumer, so the search engine service is require to providers provide effective and convenient service.4. The search engine ranking and filtering related to the Right to Know and liberty of speech for citizens, and also Related to the country's democracy and the rule of law, think about to sorting and filtering criteria and implementations be within the justice framework of constitutional construction...
Keywords/Search Tags:search engine, the right of information control, Public character, balance of interests
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