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Discussion On Protection Of Rights And Interests Of Peasant Workers

Posted on:2011-04-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L ChengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360305480811Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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With the continuous development of social economy, the socialist market economy system is gradually establishing and improving, and the market can play its regulatory role of regulation function of market to economy is obviously day by day. The labor marketization regulation accelerated transfer of rural surplus labors to urban areas. But which is incompatible with this is that the traditional management system hasn't been ultimately reformed, a lot of systems under urban-rural difference model are still blocking the free migration between rural and urban labors, and the legal rights and interests of peasant workers can't be protected efficiently. The main purposes of peasant workers migrate to work in cities are support family by earning money and support children to receive education in schools. Peasant workers working in cities increased income objectively, improved adjustment of rural economic structure, accelerated development of urban economy, and boosted urban market. Under current conditions, protection of rights and interests of peasant workers is an extremely arduous task as well as challenge crying out for solutions. As citizen of a same nation, the different treatment to peasant workers is considered illegal, and which also isn't beneficial to the stable, sustainable and smooth development of society. Therefore, eliminating unreasonable obstacle in terms of system and enhancing legal protection of rights and interests of peasant workers earnestly is not only urgent demand of peasant workers, but also the objective trend of social development. In view of this, the author chose protection of rights and interests of peasant workers as study object.The concrete contents of this article is divided into three parts:Part I, firstly set forth the concept of peasant workers from basic theories, namely, what are peasant workers, how they are formed of this group, and expound the rights and interests that peasant workers should be enjoyed from such aspects as equal employment right, right of receiving remuneration, right of labor safety & health protection, right of organizing and participating in labor union, right of rest and holiday, right of social insurances and right of receiving education etc.Part II, definitely put forward the existing problems on protection of rights and interests of peasant workers and their production reasons. There are a good many problems on protection of rights and interests of peasant workers while they are contributing to urban construction. For example, restriction and discrimination of employment right, discrimination of employment treatment, receiving education of themselves and children is restricted, low social status, inadequate social security and improper exercise of treatment right of labor disputes. There are many reasons for production of these phenomenon, including: social & historical reason, system reason, legislation reason, economic reason, concepts reason, labor employment reason and so on, the author analyzes these one by one.Part III, the foothold of this article. It analyzes production reasons, existing problems on peasant workers issues, which just wants to point up importance of peasant workers issues, and perfects protection of rights and interests of peasant workers, in the purpose of solve this issue fundamentally. The author brings forward thoughts of perfecting protection of rights and interests of peasant workers from system, law and other aspects.The basic thought of this article is through analysis of current situation and existing problems of peasant workers, further reveal its reasons and finally put forward the methods and suggestions for solving problems. It discusses the existing problems of protection system of rights and interests of peasant workers in our country, and puts forward advices and suggestions for solving problems by use of such basic methods as historical analysis, normative analysis, comparative analysis and demonstration etc.. At the same time, the author sincerely hopes that peasant workers can equally enjoy cities'boom and serenity while they are building cities, hardly working in construction sites and plants, and actually blend in cities.
Keywords/Search Tags:Peasant Workers, Rights and Interests, Disadvantaged Groups, Social Justice, Sustainable Development
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