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Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency And Its Related Study Of Theoretical Issues

Posted on:2011-10-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This paper is divided into four chapters in addition to introduction:the first chapter is an overview of Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency and its status quo. Introduce MIGA briefly and analyze the characteristics, major business, problems and solutions of institutions. The second chapter describes Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency's Comparative Advantages in relation to other international investment insurance agencies. First of all, compared with all the international investment insurance agencies, MIGA has obvious advantages in the prevention of occurrence of political risks, mediation to resolve disputes, smooth realization of claims in subrogation. Then it's followed by a concrete analysis of MIGA compared with private international investment insurance agencies and national government-run overseas investment insurance agencies. MIGA has an unparalleled advantage in qualified investment, insured persons and duration. The third chapter is about the evaluation of MIGA and future development strategies. Through positive assessment about MIGA, its strategies about guarantee in priority areas, other business types that can be developed, strengthening the cooperation with other agencies is proposed.The final chapter describes the relationship between Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency and the investment environment in developing countries. First is about the use of foreign investment in developing countries, analyzes the importance of foreign investment in developing countries, and the inevitable trend of foreign investment. And then it describes the powerful impact of MIGA on developing countries through two empirical analysis. The last is about the effective use of MIGA in developing countries, including transplantation of MIGA System, and the establishment of relevant domestic laws, development of new ways of MIGA business in developing countries, enhancement of its publicity, improvement of supporting measures, open of a new mode of its operation in developing countries.
Keywords/Search Tags:Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency, Risk Guarantee, Comparative Advantage, Development Strategy
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